Any aspiring law graduate would like to have a degree from a top law school in the US or Canada. The Number of such aspirants is very high, almost in thousands. So, to compete with such a huge number and achieve a place in the list of eligible candidates is very important as it will guarantee you a seat in a law school of your choice. This eligibility is decided only on the basis of LSAT Scores. The better the LSAT Scores you achieve, the more are your chances to get admission to your dream law school.

What is An LSAT Score?

LSAT comprises of five sections on multiple choice questions and one section on writing. One of the sections of multiple choice questions is called Experimental Section. The Experimental section and the Writing section are not scored. Thus only four sections of LSAT contribute to your LSAT Score on a scale of 120 to 180. An average LSAT score is 150. Majority of students generally get LSAT scores within 140 to 160. Getting LSAT Score above 160 is a tough job. But definitely it is not impossible. Proper LSAT planning and sincere efforts can give you scores much above 160. Top law schools look for candidates with scores 170 and above.

The authoritative information about LSAT Scores can be obtained from the official web site of LSAC. LSAT Score information is available at other web sites, LSAT study guides and in various law magazines. One can also find out LSAT Score information from a law school. You can also call up LSAC organization for the latest information on LSAT Scores.

Receiving LSAT Scores

LSAC maintains a service called LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service). This service is especially formed to manage your records regarding your details about registration and the LSAT Scores. LSDAS sends you your LSAT Scores. One can also find out about LSAT Scores via phone. E-mail is one more option to receive your LSAT Scores. To receive your scores via e-mail you need to first obtain membership with LSAC. This online membership is free of cost. It is valid for five years. Once you are a member of LSAC, you need to register for your LSAT test online through LSAC. This way you become eligible for receiving your LSAT Scores via e-mail. E-mail is the fastest way to receive your LSAT Scores. Via mail LSAT Scores will take the normal time of transit to reach you. To receive LSAT Scores on phone you need to pay a little extra. For other options you already pay in advance at the time of registration.

Good LSAT Score

Anything above 160 can be called as good LSAT Score. However, it varies from school to school. Top law schools like The Havard Law School might just want students with LSAT Score 170 and above. Other law schools expectations may vary depending on various factors.

Preparing for Good LSAT Scores

One has to plan his LSAT preparation intelligently. There is no point in just slogging. You must have a particular LSAT Score in front of your eyes to keep yourself motivated. Always think that if you get that score then only can you see yourself in a top law school. Always aim for top scores. As you know this is not a test of your mastery of any particular subject, instead it is a test of your skills. Skills can be developed with proper planning and sincere efforts. For top LSAT Scores practice is the mantra. You must practice a lot by solving sample question papers and previous years LSAT papers. Solve these tests in a timed environment. Set time bars exactly as it would be in the actual exam. Once completed, check back your answers with the model solutions given in the study material. If you do not have the solutions then try to get your test papers corrected from an experienced person or from your LSAT coach. Always make it a point to have improvement in your LSAT Scores as you practice more and more. Along with solutions also seek the comments of these people about your effort. Always see to it that you understand the rationale behind the correct answer. It is also advantageous to get tips and learn tricks to speed up your process of answering.

One must also keep in mind that LSAT is an exam with multiple choice questions. You must practice solving test papers with exactly the same pattern as that of the real LSAT test to get a hang of the actual exam. You must learn various methods to arrive at the correct answer. Once you master such techniques then you can attempt maximum questions. Also, LSAT does not have negative marking. This gives you freedom to use your guesswork. One must not leave any answer blank. Mark all the answers whether you can find out the correct answers or not. One has to follow all the methods, tips and tricks to get a good LSAT Score.

One of the proven ways of getting good LSAT Scores is group study. Peer group can help you learn from others mistakes, saves your time at preparation and motivate you to prepare.

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