LSAT Review Courses

How to Make the Most of LSAT Review Courses

LSAT review courses are courses offered by various companies to help in the preparation of the LSAT, which is a standardized test to measure the suitability of a student for law school education.

Following is a list of a few LSAT review courses:

  1. The Kaplan Courses: The Kaplan courses are from the Kaplan Company, which is famous for books on the LSAT. Kaplan courses are differently structured to suit full-time and part-time LSAT preparations. Their website is Kaplan is famous for a comprehensive understanding of the LSAT. Some of the Kaplan LSAT review courses also promise a return on the fees if a high LSAT score is not achieved. The Kaplan courses offer in-house teaching, online teaching, 'on-demand' courses and a few free of cost assessment courses also. The fee structure is varied and can be best known from their official website.

  2. The PowerScore Courses: The PowerScore range of bibles has long been the most sought after books used in the preparation of the LSAT. The PowerScore LSAT review courses are one of the better known LSAT prep courses. They have four to five options ranging from live full-time courses to virtual and online courses. Their website fully explains each of their courses and its costs. The PowerScore courses are very extensive, have an online homework forum, and thus require a dedicated period of time if a student wants full time help.

  3. The Princeton Review courses: The LSAT review courses from the Princeton Review are conducted with the help of live LSAT test examples from the books published under their own name. Princeton Review also offers an option to take a preliminary free LSAT prep test to assess which of its courses suits a student the most. It also offers career guidelines in most of its LSAT review courses. The price of the courses offered by the Princeton review changes with location so it is better to check for a course suitable for you on their website

Some dos and don'ts before enrolling for an LSAT review course:

Do a thorough research of the courses, timelines and availability before enrolling for one. A proper review of the courses will improve your productivity as you will be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Do not enrol for any last minute courses as they only end up confusing you. The LSAT review courses serve their purpose only when you leave enough time for practice after the course is over. Practice time is useful because the courses may have given you tips and techniques to help you ace the LSAT but without proper practice you will not be able to use your study well.

Do a self assessment. The LSAT official website offers an 'official LSAT prep test' that you should solve before taking any of the LSAT review courses. This is because this prep test is a self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in the areas tested by the LSAT. Only when you know what you want to derive out of a course should you enrol yourself for it and eventually that will help you gain more from it.

How to make the most of your LSAT review courses:

Be confident about the course you have chosen. Do not look for a lot of study material beyond your course once you have enrolled for one. It is important to study well for the LSAT but it is equally important to study from limited sources only to avoid confusion. Choose study material beyond your course content only if you think that you have understood what you have studied already and can now venture into trying out more books. A student has to remember that the LSAT is not only a test of knowledge but also a test of skills and skills can only be honed by practice and not by collection of a lot of data.

Keep referring to the official website of the LSAT, which is to take current practice tests and for tips from the official source. The LSAT review courses help only when you know where to apply them. Always remember that only 'practice makes a man perfect'!

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