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The Best LSAT Review Courses

If you want to prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), you ought to take guidance of one of the best review courses that are run by the various paramount LSAT prep companies such as Kaplan, The Princeton Review, Manhattan and the LSAT administrators, Law School Admission Council (LSAC). You can refer to the reviews of the above-mentioned LSAT prep courses that are given below:

LSAT Review Course by the LSAC

You can refer to this LSAT review course online. You have the facility for accessing:

You can refer to this LSAT review course online. You have the facility for accessing:

  • Free sample questions from the three different types of questions i.e. reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning

  • Tips to approach different types of questions

  • Complete explanations for answers to the practice questions

  • Tools for LSAT preparation such as The Official LSAT SuperPrep, LSAT ItemWise, ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools (2012 Edition) etc

    • The Official LSAT SuperPrep: This contains real sets of LSAT. You can get access to complete explanations for answers to all the questions. Besides, it contains strategies to handle the logical reasoning questions and the comparative reading comprehension questions.

    • LSAT ItemWise: This LSAT prep tool entails questions from the reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning types. Moreover, it provides explanations for every question, which justifies why an answer is incorrect.

You can get detailed information about these LSAT prep tools from the link If you want to know more about the LSAT review course, you can log on to the webpage

LSAT Review Course by Kaplan

The LSAT review course by Kaplan offers several LSAT prep course options such as:

  • LSAT Classroom On Site: This LSAT review course option provides you the advantage of getting access to the Kaplan's physical classrooms where you can interact with mentors and your peers.

  • LSAT Classroom Anywhere: This provides you the advantage of getting access to the online classrooms. Experts keep track of your progress through the Smart Track technology and report your performance to you and your parents through the Smart Report technology.

  • LSAT On Demand: You have the facility for accessing instructions 24*7.

  • LSAT One-to-One Tutoring: You will get personal attention by the Kaplan experts. Mentors give personalized feedback on your performance. If you are an above-average student, you can get the facility for accessing the Stratosphere. This has been designed for the high scorers.

If you wish to obtain information in detail, you may visit the link

LSAT Review Course by The Princeton Review

This company offers you the following LSAT review course options:

  • Private Tutoring: You get personalized feedback by the mentors to overcome your weaknesses.

  • Small Group Instructions: This LSAT review course option offers you instructions in a small group.

  • LSAT Hyperlearning: You can get access to the instructions in depth.

  • LSAT LiveOnline: You can learn the LSAT concepts in depth online.

  • LSAT Essentials: You can get access to the LSAT concepts in a very short time. This is beneficial to those who have taken the test once and plan to take it again for scoring high in the exam.

  • LSAT Essentials LiveOnline: This LSAT review course option offers instructions online. It does not provide information about the LSAT concepts in depth.

  • The Princeton Review Books: This LSAT review course offers books such as:
    • Cracking the LSAT, 2012 Edition:It contains three full-length practice tests. Besides, this book offers the strategies to approach difficult questions. Moreover, it encompasses logic games techniques.
    • Cracking the LSAT With DVD, 2012 Edition:This book is accompanied by a DVD. It contains expert advice from the Princeton Review's mentors.

To get detailed information, you can visit the webpage

The above description provides brief reviews of some of the LSAT review courses that are offered to you by the supreme LSAT prep companies. You may go through the reviews and select the LSAT review course that suits you best.

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