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Five Points to Consider When Selecting an LSAT Preparation Class

Studying for the LSAT is a big task, for which it takes weeks if not months to prepare and study. LSAT review classes can keep you busy during those weeks and can help you to improve your score. Every local library has LSAT preparation books, and you can even order them and study on your own, but study classes are designed by professionals who have put work into finding the best and most efficient test strategies and good study and test-taking habits. These companies are making money, but many people will tell you it is money well spent if the outcome is a better score, and hence admission into the law school of your choice. Higher education, especially when it comes to law school is a big accomplishment. To be ready, choosing the LSAT review class is important. Three classes are reviewed here under which five points that you should consider when choosing a class are also outlined.

  1. Kaplan has many LSAT review class choices. The one chosen to review here is the LSAT Advantage class. It is live on-site instruction in a classroom. A focused and efficient way to study for the LSAT, this class has convenient times and locations as well as the attention students need to get the best score. This course is organized around ten classroom sessions, and four full practice tests, two in class and two that students may take on their own time. Though it costs $549, students get 33 classroom hours and 16 testing hours within 14 sessions. This is a popular course with a focused approach to fit a busy schedule and a proven track record. Go to for availability in your area.

  2. Test Masters offers different course formats, but their most popular and effective is their live LSAT review class. This intensive classroom course insures many (80+) hours of study and practice with very educated and knowledgeable staff. They have also all scored perfectly on the LSAT. It is comforting to know that the people teaching you know what they are talking about, and with this course you get that. This live course features four diagnostic tests so a student knows where he stands, what he needs to work on, and the faculty at Test Masters can pinpoint his weakness so he can have the maximum success. When a student isn't in class he has access to a live online instructor for additional practice. This course costs $1450.

  3. Powerscore offers a similar course. They call it their Full Length course. This LSAT review class features 64 live lecture hours, combined with 45 hours of online lecture sessions. It costs $1295. With power score a student gets hours of both live and online instruction which is convenient if you are taking other classes, or working, as a student on his way to graduate school sometimes is. In this regard Powerscore classes are convenient because they are specifically tailored to those who need an LSAT review class to fit a busy schedule.

In choosing an LSAT review class there are five things a student should consider:

1. What class form is best?

  • Online, live in-classroom, on demand and personal tutoring are all widely available. If students don't want the classroom experience, then there is a more personalized experience available with a tutor. Online courses are perhaps better if a student's schedule doesn't fit classroom timings. Choosing the best format insures that a student is comfortable and ready to put in hard study time.

2. The difficulty level of the class.

  • If a student needs help on a certain section there are On-Demand courses which are more specific, or advanced. If a student doesn't feel as confident, then classes range from basic to very advanced depending on the level that students deem appropriate for themselves.

3. The cost of the class.

  • Many classes are expensive, and sometimes buying the book, or paying a more informal tutor to help is more practical. But consider the huge investment that college has been, and the huge investment law school will be and the money for a class will seem less important.
    A high score on the LSAT is worth the money you'll pay.

4. The class date and location.

  • While some companies offer classes in many different states, or even countries, a student should be aware of their own schedule and what is being offered. Websites show which classes are offered in which areas so you can make a decision based on where you live and where it is possible to take the class. Sometimes it will be more practical to take an online course, than to sit in a classroom, and sometimes a tutor is the best option. Research these options and find which one works best.

5. What other services are offered.

  • Most companies offer more than just the LSAT review class. There is admissions counseling to help a student get through the entire process of getting into a law school-even if they haven't chosen a school yet. These services are offered because many have found them necessary, indispensible even. The LSAT is a big task, and law school is a big step. These extra services, even though they cost money, can also be very worth it.

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