LSAT Preparatory Books

E-books for LSAT Preparation

One of the important factors for preparation is selecting the correct study guide. There are various kinds of review books available in the market. Some books consist of all the sections of the examination, others come separately, section by section. Selection of a review book should be made after considering several factors.

  • Is the book of a current edition?
  • Is the language used simple and understandable to you?
  • Is the book authored by professionals?
  • Does it provide the necessary study materials?
  • Does it provide full-length practice tests?

Before selecting a book, compare a few other books, so that you can select the best book. Consulting your teachers or friends who are preparing for the exam can help. Internet is a medium where you can read about various reviews about a book.

E-books for LSAT Preparation

Technology has advanced so much  that you can read a book online, without having to go out and buy it from a shop, thus saving your travelling time. You can search for a book, select it and order it online which can be then downloaded to your PC or laptop. An e-reader is available for reading an e-book. It can be read at your convenience, while travelling or at your home. E-books provide you with the advantage of storing many in a limited space compared to the books which need a large amount of space. Earlier e-books were limited to a particular subject but now e-books are available for different topics.

Review of 4 E-books for LSAT
  • Master the LSAT E-book by Jeff Kolby This e-book provides a step-by-step explanation of each topic: logical reasoning, logical games, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and writing sample. It tells how to approach a question to get the correct answer. The e-book contains 4 previous test papers, which are solved and provided with the necessary explanations. Several practice questions are included in the e-book, which if practiced again and again will help in getting a good score.

  • Test Sherpa LSAT e-book An e-book provided by the Test Sherpa group claims to provide study materials that have been prepared by a person having 17 years of experience in the field of preparation for this exam. It guarantees to help you get a score of 165+. The e-book provides time-saving tricks and also tells about how to avoid selecting a wrong answer.

  • McGraw-Hill's LSAT with CD-ROM, 2009 Edition from Curvebreakers Show More This e-book is designed by the students of Harvard Law School who are now LSAT tutors. So, the book includes their perspectives on how to approach the exam and the strategies to be taken to get a good score. Tips they used while they themselves faced the exam and tips which they are using to train their students are included in the book. This will help in looking at the test with a different angle. Show More Show Less

  • The Official LSAT Prep Test with Explanations Volume 1 by Bonnie Gordon This e-book includes the instructions and suggestions from the test makers themselves. A few members from the team preparing the test questions provide explanations of the various questions in the book. It provides tips and strategies on how to approach each section and get a good score.

Whatever be the means of preparation for the exam, it might be the normal book or the e-book, it doesn't matter. What matters is how you make use of the material in the best way. So practice with the selected study guide and get a good score.