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Choosing an Online Course

Reasons to choose any online course for LSAT Prep Review would be in terms of time, study material, practice tests and guidance. Online LSAT Prep Review course should not be too lengthy or too short. It should cover all the sections well and should provide you with enough sample question papers. Online course should not just provide you with material but should provide you guidance of experts who know the exact tricks of scoring high in LSAT. Lastly, nothing comes without a price. But do not jump for any online LSAT Prep Review course just because it is costlier. Compare all your options, take feedback from various sources and then make your decision.


Some of the famous web sites offering LSAT courses are:

Private Tutor

Who would not want personal attention of an expert while preparing for LSAT? A private tutor is one of the best sources of LSAT Prep Review. A private tutor can plan your complete LSAT study as per your strengths and weaknesses. He can pinpoint your mistakes and keep you focused towards your goal. The best advantage of a private tutor is when you practice solving question papers. He can help you take the practice test in exactly the same manner as the actual test. Seeing your style of answering he can make necessary changes in your preparation and make you improve on your LSAT score. One can get more information about tutors for LSAT Prep Review from law magazines or online.

Self Study

If you do not adopt any of the options above then you can simply do self study for LSAT. You must procure the right LSAT guides which cover all the sections in depth and provide you with practice questions. The first thing you must learn is the pattern of the exam. Once you know this you should understand all possible question types of each section. Next step is to study each section to understand every question type. This process should take around two months. Some may finish this in less than two months also. Next comes the key learning process i.e. practice. The more you practice the more you benefit. One can buy study guides from any prominent book store or online. Some of the web sites offering study guides are:


The aim of any LSAT Prep Review should be to make you learn the techniques of LSAT. LSAT is a test of your skills and not of your memory. These skills can be definitely developed by the right kind of LSAT Prep Review.

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