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If you think you have the competence to solve complex cases using logical and critical thinking then law is a career for you. If you can manage to complete your graduation from one of the prestigious law schools in the world then there is nothing like it. The US and Canada are the home grounds of some of the top law schools in the world. Law schools teach you all about law but they demand certain basic skills. These basic skills are logical and analytical reasoning and critical thinking. Unless you possess these skills you can not successfully complete your law graduation. Therefore these law schools have an entrance examination called LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Thousands of students all over the world appear for LSAT every year. For top scores at LSAT you need a good LSAT Review. An LSAT Review could be in terms of study materials, study habits, LSAT courses or preparation strategies. An online LSAT Review can give you the complete insight into all these areas. LSAT is a lengthy process spanning over six months. So, an LSAT Review can help you plan your approach correctly.

What is LSAT?

LSAT is an aptitude test conducted by LSAC (Law School Admission Council). It has five multiple choice based sections and one section on writing an essay. Only four sections are scored. There are two sections based on logical reasoning, one on reading comprehension and one on analytical reasoning. The fifth section is again based on one of these three sections mentioned. It is called an experimental section and is not scored. The reason behind this is that it is used for judging the questions for the future LSAT exams. The essay writing section is also not scored, however, the sample of your essay is sent to the law schools along with your LSAT score. It is totally up to the law schools whether to make use or not of these samples during the admission process.

Now that we have got the introduction to LSAT, let us see the pattern in details. Each of the multiple choice sections has 24 to 26 questions in all and is allotted 35 minutes to solve. The essay writing is given 30 minutes. The test includes a couple of short breaks. Thus the complete test spans over three and a half hours approximately. The order of the sections is not fixed. The experimental section is not disclosed. That means one can not make out easily which of the sections is experimental and thus not scored. LSAT is generally conducted on a Saturday morning. For those who can not appear for the test on a Saturday, it is conducted on the consecutive Monday afternoon.

Preparation Methods

Since this is a standardized skill based test, your preparation also can be in a standard way. Skills can always be developed by studying the right methods and practicing them. There are various ways of studying for LSAT. If you scan for LSAT Review online you will find a number of courses offered by various coaching institutes either physically or online. There are private tutors who are experts in guiding how to prepare for LSAT in the best possible way. The last option of preparation is self study.

LSAT Coaching Institutes


Most of the aspirants prefer to join coaching institutes for preparing for LSAT. It offers you a number of benefits. You get ample study materials in terms of study guides and sample question papers. The experienced people guide you to plan your study. You get a classroom environment where you learn individual sections in details. Classroom sessions give you an opportunity to do group studies which help you overcome your weaknesses. You can learn from others mistakes and can avoid them. This kind of learning helps you to save a lot of time and speeds up your preparation. One of the advantages of coaching institutes is that you can do a lot of mock practice for LSAT Review. Mock tests are conducted in exactly similar time conditions as you would find in the actual test. The question papers you solve at such mock tests are the actual question papers of the previous years.

Choosing an Institute

As there are a number of coaching institutes available, you must make an intelligent decision while choosing one of them. Try to collect feedbacks about these institutes first. You may find these from your friends or online. Try to get various inputs about these institutes during your LSAT Review. Check about how many students are accommodated in one classroom. Overcrowded classrooms can not get you the personal attention of the teacher. See whether you will learn the paper-solving and time saving techniques at such an institute or not. Enough practice tests with explanations are a must before selecting any coaching institute. Coaching institutes however have certain limitations to them. Firstly, it should not be that far from your place of residence that you waste considerable time in traveling. Secondly, class timings may not be convenient to you. Despite these things one can not deny the benefits of preparing for LSAT from a coaching institute.


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Online Course


LSAT is generally taken in your undergraduate year, so that once you finish your undergraduate course you are ready with your LSAT score to join any law school should you qualify. Joining a coaching institute for LSAT Review may not be feasible for you with your studies going on. In such cases you have an option of selecting any online course for LSAT Review. Here you just need an internet connection and membership of your LSAT course. Once you pay for an online course through your credit card or through electronic banking you are given LSAT study material and sample question papers. Online LSAT Review course also has study classes with proper schedule. Here everything is as per your convenience. You are given everything and it is left to you how you want to study. One can save a lot of time which you would have spent otherwise in traveling to your coaching institute and back. You can clarify your queries online by e-mail from your guide.

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