LSAT Requirements

What You Need to Know before You Register

Once you have decided to take up the LSAT test you should be aware of the LSAT requirements. The LSAT requirements can be broadly classified into those that are required before the test and those that are required on the test day.

Before the Test Date-for Registration

These are the details or documents that are required to register and fill in the application. They can be categorized into 3 groups,

  1. Application requirements
  2. Academic requirements
  3. Personal requirements
  • Application Requirements

    LSAT requirements for application are those that are required for filling up the application form. Before filling in the application form you need to register with the LSAC- Law School Academic Council. All the application processes for the LSAT test, and for the law schools later, go through the LSAC. This registration is free and after registration you can apply for the test online itself. Telephone registration and mail-in registration are the other ways by which the LSAT test registration can be done. A lot of details are required by the LSAC. You need to fill the Social Security Number (SSN), Address, Zip/Postal Code, Email id, Contact numbers, Candidate Referral Service, Credit Card details, Citizenship and Family Details in the application form. All these details are mandatory and no field can be left blank. So before LSAT registration, all these details have to be kept ready.

  • Academic Requirements

    The academic requirement for the LSAT is an undergraduate degree. The LSAT test can be taken before the completion of the under graduation course as well. The major subject in the under graduation course can be any subject. Lawyers come from varied backgrounds, that is one reason why a standardized test is administered.

  • Personal Requirements

    For LSAT registration, a registration fee is collected. This fee can be paid by check or money order payable at Law School Admission Council. Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover are also accepted. The arrangements for paying the fee amount should be made before the registration. Once the application for a test date is submitted an admission card is generated. A print out of this card along with an acceptable photo pasted on it should be carried to the test center. The photograph must be taken within the last 6 months and should show only the face and shoulder of the person. It should be clear enough to show the identity of the person. The size of the photo is also important. It should not be bigger than 2 X 2 (5X5 cm) inches or smaller than 1 X 1 (3X3 cm) inches in size. The photo should show you as you would be on the day of the test. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable photographs are available at the LSAC website-

On the Day of the Test

These are the LSAT requirements, documents or materials that you have to carry on the test day

  1. Valid ID
  2. Pencils
  • Valid ID

    Along with the admission card with photo, a valid government issued ID having your recent, clear photo and signature must be carried to the test center. Passport book, driver's license and US military id (for military personnel) are accepted ID cards. Social Security Card, Social Insurance Card, birth certificate, and credit cards are not accepted as ID cards. Without the admission card with a clear photo and a valid ID card, admission into the test center can be denied.

  • Pencil

    Since all the answers must be recorded only with a pencil, it is advised to carry 2 or 3 sharpened No.2 or HB pencil. Good erasers are also required if changes in the answers have to be made. Mechanical pencils, Ink or ballpoint pens are not allowed. Pencils and sharpeners will not be provided at the LSAT test center.

The above are the basic LSAT requirements. Apart from this, a thorough preparation is a must to get a good LSAT score.

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