LSAT Registration is the first step towards LSAT (Law School Admission Test). LSAT is an entrance exam for a candidate who wants to pursue his graduation in law from law schools in the US and Canada. LSAT is conducted by LSAC (Law School Admission Council) four times in a year all over the world. Only after LSAT Registration is over in all respects one is eligible to appear for the LSAT test. LSAT Registration requires a lot of information and so needs to be done carefully and well in advance. It becomes necessary for a candidate to know the process of LSAT Registration.

There are various ways of doing the LSAT Registration. These are online, by mail or by phone. Online registration is the fastest and the simplest method.

Online LSAT Registration

To do online LSAT Registration you need to first open your account with LSAC. This way you sign up for a free membership of LSAC site. This facility is available at online services option of official LSAC site. For online LSAT Registration only these LSAC members are eligible. Using your online account with the LSAC you can take a print out of your LSAT test ticket.

This membership option provides you with additional facility of receiving your LSAT score directly through your LSAC email account. This can be the fastest way to receive your scores. For online LSAT Registration LSAC has set up LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service). You must do your LSAT Registration through LSDAS if you are applying for ABA (American Bar Association) approved law schools in the US.

When you open your account with LSAC you need to fill up your personal details like name, address, social security number as well as details of your undergraduate work, GPA and other academic related details. Along with this LSDAS keeps reports of your LSAT scores and writing samples. This way your entire LSAT related data is stored online and you can keep track of it. During LSAT Registration one can also give the choices for law schools. LSDAS does the work of sending these summary reports, LSAT writing samples and recommendation letters to these law schools.

While opening an online account with LSAC one has to decide on his user name and password. You need to remember your user name and password to access your account. If you forget this information you can still recover it from the LSAC site. You can simply follow the links for Forgot Username/Password and fill in the required information. Once you give the correct information here you are sent your user name and password via e-mail. One can also reset his password here. If you do not have access to the internet then you can get your account details over the phone after identifying yourself. A candidate is expected to use only the supported web browsers to access the LSAC site. You can check up about it from the LSAC web site. Also one has to have the correct reader software to view the forms and the documents present on this site. Many of these reader software are available on the net for free download. The LSAC web site also offers you with one such free reader software. If you get a popup blocking warning while accessing the LSAC web site then you need to first change your web browser configuration to trust this site.

While entering your details for the online registration forms one has to follow the correct procedure. Do not use the special characters which are not permitted by the LSAC. Repeated entries of your choice of law schools are also not allowed.

Your online details with the LSAC are kept in an encrypted form for the safety purpose. You can view all your details regarding your personal information, academic information, fees paid and other LSAT details any time through this account.

The LSDAS services and LSAT Registration are charged as per the set standards. One can also apply for fee waivers. The guidelines and eligibility for fee waivers at LSDAS is governed by the US laws. LSAT Registration and LSDAS services are valid for 5 years. Further details about your LSAC account expiry are available at your LSAC account. During this time period one can appear for LSAT anytime for one attempt.

Just by becoming the member of LSAC and filling in your details does not make you eligible for the LSAT Registration. This way your details will only get saved. A candidate is required to make appropriate payment for online LSAT Registration through one of the modes specified on the site

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