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LSAT Exam Registration by Phone

The second option of LSAT Exam Registration is by phone. The phone numbers are available at the official LSAC site for LSAT Registration.

LSAT Exam Registration by mail

The third option of LSAT Exam Registration is by mail. The address for sending your registration form via mail is available at the official site of LSAC. The LSAT Exam Registration booklets are available at various colleges, law schools and designated distribution points. One can get more information in this regard from the LSAT Information Bulletin at any law school. For those who register by mail can send their paper transcripts using the Paper Transcript Request Forms available online at LSAT & LSDAS Registration Packet.

Registration Details

LSAT Exam Registration requires you to fill in your details in terms of your Social Security Number or SSN, address, Zip/Postal Code, Email id, contact numbers, Candidate Referral Service (CRS), Credit Card Details, Citizenship and family details. One has to also furnish his details about his cumulative GPA and his undergraduate work. These details cannot be left blank. If you do not have these details then you must find out these details as early as possible. For foreign nationals some of these details like Social Security Number may not be applicable. For this you are requested to refer to the official LSAC site for more information.

The LSAT test is conducted four times in a year. It is generally conducted in the months of February, June, October and December. You must do LSAT Exam Registration as per your choice of test period. You should do LSAT Exam Registration at least six weeks prior to the LSAT test. If you register early then your chances of getting desired testing center will increase. All the law schools maintain a deadline for processing of electronic LSAT Exam Registration applications. One has to be aware of this deadline and accordingly do his registration. For online registration one has to also keep in mind the delays involved in the electronic information transfers. There could be delays due to server or due to technical failure. On the spot registration at the LSAT test center is not permitted.

If a candidate fails to register himself for the LSAT during normal registration period then he can do so during late registration time. Some amount is charged extra as late fees for this. One is advised to register himself as soon as possible so as to avoid payment of late fees. Once you have registered for a test during the regular registration period, you can not reregister for that same test during the late registration period. One can always cancel his registration and apply for the future attempts.

Credit card denials do not stop you from appearing for the LSAT test. But reporting of your LSAT scores and further processing of your admission is stopped till the time you make the outstanding payments.

Due to some reasons if you fail to appear for the LSAT exam then LSAC and LSDAS returns you part of your fees. One has to forward a written application in this regard to LSAC before the prescribed deadline. Payments made towards the late fees, change of center or for arrangement of a non published test center are not refundable.

Once you register yourself for LSAT you join the pool of candidates who have applied to appear for LSAT test from a particular center. As per your merit of application time you are allotted an exam center. If more number of candidates apply for a particular test center than the seats available then the extra candidates are wait listed. If you have LSAC account then you can find out the status of your center allocation from your online account. Once you are cleared for the test center you get a LSAT test ticket. This ticket has information regarding your test center, time of exam and test center procedures. A candidate must be in possession of this ticket along with other identity proofs.

Entry into law schools in the US and Canada involves steps to follow. LSAT exam is the only way for this. LSAT Exam Registration is the first step towards this. Since it is a deliberate process one has to be very careful about it. Timely LSAT Exam Registration with submission of adequate information and correct payments will leave you in peace for your LSAT Prep and attempt.

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