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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension has four sub sections in it. The first three sections have one long passage each and the fourth subsection has two small passages in it. These passages are taken from the subjects of law, arts, humanities, physical and natural sciences. Each passage is followed by six to eight questions. There are in total 26 to 28 questions in this section with 35 minutes to answer.

Reading Comprehension is a section designed to test your skills at reading a long, complex and scholarly text and drawing inferences out of it. LSAT Test Questions of this section are aimed at finding out the idea behind the passage or to find out the purpose of the information given and to apply the information in the context of a new situation.

One can apply various tactics to answer this section. Since the passages are complex and lengthy one is advised to skim quickly through the passage first and read the questions asked. This way one can get a glimpse of what is given and what is being asked. Then you should come back to the passage and reread it carefully. Underline the context and relationships mentioned. Try to separate the concept behind the passage and the facts mentioned. All the answer choices may seem similar sometimes. But you need to pick up that answer which accurately fulfills the requirements of the question in totality. One is not supposed to use his own ideology or beliefs to answer these questions.

Experimental Section

This section is actually used internally by the LSAC. This is based on one of the three sections mentioned above. This section is not scored. This is used to collect the feedback about the pattern of the test and about the responses. This helps the LSAC to decide on the difficulty level of LSAT Test Questions and the future pattern of the exam.

Writing Essay

This section is designed to test a candidate for his presentation, organizing skills and written English. Here you are given a situation or argument with a couple of decisions based on it. These decisions are generally opposing each other. One is expected to select one of them and back up his decision with the help of facts and ideas given in the passage. You are expected to be logical, true and forceful in your arguments. The writing samples are sent directly to the law schools to which you apply. These schools may use these samples along with your LSAT scores to decide on a merit.

LSAT Scores

LSAT scores vary on the scale of 120 to 180. Top scores do not imply that you have answered each question correctly. This means that one should not worry about answering each question correctly and without any doubt. There is no negative marking for answering LSAT Questions. The above facts give you the freedom to attempt all LSAT Test Questions freely. Wherever required you can use guesswork to answer. This way you can save your time and speed up answering.


LSAT Test Questions are based only on the given information and not on tricks. The LSAT Test Questions do not have any hidden meanings and one is expected to use their direct meanings. This means that one should approach LSAT test with a clear mind and solve the questions based only on the facts given. You should not attempt the questions based on any previous knowledge of the premise of the argument.

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