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What Is a Virtual LSAT Proctor and How Useful They Are?

LSAT is a highly competitive test that is taken by students worldwide. It is estimated that that a bit more or less than an approximate of 160 thousand LSATs are administered every year. Hence, you can just imagine the stiffness of the competition that you would have to face. For you to get through this heavy competition and secure admission in an excellent law school, it is evident that you work hard. You must be dedicated and always concentrate on the key areas that require your utmost attention to score high. However, you will require a good training that is actually very essential. Even if you feel that you can manage to prepare for LSAT by yourself, you will have to learn some crucial solving techniques and exam related strategies that will help you the most while you take the test. There are many such sources of prep that provide you with the essential tips and tactics that helps you the most. One such source is this LSAT proctor.

What Is an LSAT Proctor?

A proctor is basically defined as an authoritative person who monitors or supervises over an examination or classroom full of learning students. An LSAT proctor is one such source for your LSAT preparation. These days, there are many prep sources available for you to prepare for any examination. You can either choose to attend a reputed coaching institute or even choose to sit at your home and prepare by subscribing to some good online video tutorials. With the advent of the computers and the Internet, there have been many revolutionary changes pertaining to every walk of our life. Learning is not an exception for this. Our learning and preparation methods have also taken a revolutionary turn. LSAT proctor is the result of such advancements in the field of education and competitive prep. An LSAT proctor is a pre-recorded video that has a person who instructs you regarding the exam etiquette to create an environment that feels exactly as the real one. With this, you can take the practice tests in simulated and virtually invigilated sessions. Some online video courses supply you with a DVD or a link containing the downloadable video files as part of the course. However, you may buy a virtual LSAT proctor separately.

Virtual LSAT Proctor

Usually, an LSAT proctor is referred to as a Virtual LSAT proctor because, here, you virtually enjoy the benefits of a real proctor or invigilator. The Virtual LSAT proctor comes fully pre-loaded with all the features such as recorded instructions, score calculator and conversion chart, reset or pause time etc. All that you need to do is to ensure that your computer is loaded with the latest version of video player and that your speakers are working well. Make yourself feel that you are inside an examination hall and that you are taking the real LSAT exam. When you are ready with all such pre-exam preparations, you can start the test by clicking on 'start' on your screen. Follow the instructions from the proctor in the video and be strict to yourself in following all the rules and regulations. The LSAT proctor in the video tells you when to start a new section, when to take a break etc and you ought to follow him/her for your own benefit. Right after you take the test, you can check your answers and based upon the number of correctly answered questions, you can know your score from the scaled score conversion chart pre-loaded in the proctor.

How is it Useful?

LSAT proctor is a very useful tool for every aspirant. LSAT is a test that can be attempted with confidence only with a rigorous practice. For this purpose, an LSAT proctor will help you the best. You can take the test under simulated conditions to feel and understand the real test experience.

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