LSAT Private Tutor

What Can an LSAT Private Tutor Offer?

LSAT Private Tutor

A LSAT private tutor comes into the field of teaching after attempting the LSAT themselves. This helps them in knowing the exact pattern and difficulty level of LSAT. LSAT private tutors have themselves scored above 170+, thus they can train their students with the strategies for getting a good score. A LSAT private tutor prepares you after knowing your strengths and weaknesses. The course material is taught in a way to meet your personal requirements. If you want to schedule your learning at a time and place convenient to you, in a distraction free environment, then LSAT private tutors are the best option.

Reviews and Availability of Private Tutors

  • PowerScore LSAT Private Tutoring provides various types of private tutors. In-person tutors guide you by working face to face with you, at a place and time convenient to you. The service of online tutors can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection. Online tutors are helpful to those students who cannot attend a classroom session. Online tutors provide a live and interactive classroom with the help of an online white board, where the students can ask their doubts just like in a classroom. For those, who cannot attend classes and don't have an internet connection PowerScore provides with telephonic tutors. These tutors will guide you on the phone, in a similar way as in the other methods. After selecting a telephonic tutor, he will be available to you at a time convenient to you for clearing your doubts on the phone. PowerScore provides with hourly packages for the private tutoring service, which can be selected according to your requirements. Packages for 5-hr, 10-hr, 20-hr, 40-hr and 64-hrs are available, each having a different price.
  • The contact information of the institute: PowerScore New York, LLC, 247 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018, United States, (800) 545-1750, StratusPrep offers its services at Midtown Office Location, 27 W, 24th Street, Suite 10B (10th Floor), New York, NY 10010, (212)307-1788, LSAT private tutors of Stratusprep have themselves scored above 173+ and have a minimum 2+ years of LSAT teaching experience. These LSAT private tutors are available in the evenings, weekdays and weekends. Their services can be opted for according to your convenience. Stratusprep tutors help you with special techniques for solving LSAT apart from following the regular curriculum. A Stratusprep LSAT private tutor is available according to your location.
  • The Princeton Review also provides with LSAT private tutors, but in a different manner. You can choose from a Premier Tutor, Master Tutor and Private Tutor. Premier tutors have in their account 1000 hours of teaching experience and thus are the masters of their subject. Master tutors have 500 hours of teaching experience and help the students in achieving their goals after identifying their needs. Private tutors are those classroom tutors who have got excellent track record in helping students get a good LSAT score. Even though you have options for selecting a tutor, they are finalized only after deciding which tutor suits your learning style. For any student related queries you can contact the Student Services Representative at 1-866-877-7737 (1-866-TPR-PREP). You can contact the institute at 594 Broadway #501, New York, NY, United States, 888-865-7737,

LSAT private tutors provide you with the support and guidance you need to take the LSAT. They not only train you to attempt various types of questions, but also act as counselors. Their continuous motivation strengthens you and removes any kind of examination-fear. As a LSAT private tutor is always with you till you take the LSAT, you can ask your doubts at any moment of time. With continuous interaction a LSAT private tutor starts knowing you personally and can provide you with personalized tips, which will be useful to you.

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