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Preparation Options for LSAT

LSAT is a difficult examination and if you wish to excel in it, you need to do proper preparation and put in a lot of hard work. Hence, before you start preparing for LSAT ensure that you have explored all your LSAT preparatory options. For a proper LSAT prepare it is necessary that you first understand your requirements and then select the preparatory means that meets most of them. Some of the LSAT preparation options that you can consider are discussed in the following section.

Some LSAT Preparatory Options

LSAT requires thorough preparation and thus, the LSAT prepare means that you choose should be based on your requirements, as well as, on any constraints like travelling, time etc, that you may have. The different types of LSAT preparatory means that you can consider are as follows:

  • Enrolling in a classroom course designed for LSAT preparation
  • Enrolling in an online course designed for LSAT preparation
  • Enrolling in a one-on-one session with a tutor
  • Do LSAT prepare on your own (self-study) with the help of good LSAT study materials

However, each means of LSAT prepare has its pros and cons. A detailed discussion of each of the preparatory means is done in the following sections.

Classroom Sessions

Enrolling into a classroom course for LSAT preparation is probably one of the best means of preparing for LSAT. If you enroll in a classroom course you will receive good LSAT study materials, personal attention of a skilled tutor, proper coaching and sufficient practice. Most institutes offering LSAT prepare classroom courses, also help students with the admissions process, by helping them prepare their personal statement (this is a very important part of your admissions portfolio) and selection of the LSAT date. Some institutes that offer such classroom session are as follows:

However, before you enroll in a classroom course do thorough reviews of the facilities the institutes promise to provide. For example if you require a number of classroom lectures, for your LSAT prepare, then you should enroll in the classroom course offered by Blueprint Test preparation, since they devote more time (112 hours) to classroom lectures, compared to other institutes. However, if you have time constraints then you can enroll in the 'weekend classes' held by Power Score Test Preparation. Their weekend courses are more sought after than those offered by other institutes.

However, if time and travel are both constraints for you then you should enroll in online courses which are discussed in the following section.

Online Courses

If you cannot travel to attend classes for your LSAT prepare then you should enroll in an online LSAT preparatory course. Some institutes that provide online LSAT courses are as follows:

However, before you enroll in an online course held by an LSAT preparatory institute, ensure that it has the following salient features:

  • The institute should hold virtual classes so that you can interact with a tutor, as well as, other candidates preparing for LSAT.
  • The cost of the study materials should be included in the course fee.
  • The course should include a sufficient number of practice sessions and not just classroom lectures.
  • The tutors should give equal importance to all sections of LSAT.

But, if you feel you need personal help then you should enroll in one-on-one sessions with a LSAT tutor. The features of such sessions are discussed in the following section.

One-on-one Session

All the institutes that offer classroom courses offer one-on-one sessions with their tutors. These sessions come in a package or you can pay for them by the hour. However, before you enroll for such sessions ensure that the tutors are experienced and highly skilled. You should enroll for them only if you need personal help, since these courses are very expensive. You can also enroll in such a course if you are preparing for LSAT on your own. The features of self-study are discussed in the following section.

Preparing for LSAT on Your Own

If you are preparing for LSAT then you should purchase good study materials. Some of the good LSAT preparatory books available in the market are as follows:

  • The Official LSAT SuperPrep by Wendy Margolis
  • Master The LSAT (Prep Course Series) by Jeff Kolby
  • The Kaplan LSAT 180
  • The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible by David M Killoran

However, before you purchase an LSAT study material ensure that it has a good collection of practice LSATs.

The LSAT preparatory method that you select should be the one that is best suited for you and meets most of your requirements. So select an LSAT preparatory method and start preparing!

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