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LSAT Preparation Classes by the Best Test Prep Companies

The LSAT is a difficult test, and largely determines which law school you get into. Since preparation is so important, finding good resources is equally important. There are many LSAT preparation classes . This article will review three of the best companies that have the best reputation and track record for success.

1. Kaplan Test Preparation is a widely known company, which offers LSAT preparation classes. Their classes are very in-depth. Kaplan offers their courses as On-Demand, if you prefer doing things independently, or if you don't have access to the classroom based programs. They also offer a Classroom Anywhere option, for focused, and efficient test prep. The On Site option lets a student customize times and locations to best fit his needs. The One-On-One option is private tutoring, totally personalized and private LSAT preparation classes. The only drawback to Kaplan is that it is rather costly. The supplemental courses are $99 each and courses range from $549-$7,999. explains each course and compares them all in a chart:

  • LSAT Advantage
  • LSAT Advanced
  • LSAT Extreme
  • LSAT Intensive
  • On-Demand Supplemental Courses

Admissions Consultations:

Sometimes both the LSAT and the law school admissions process can seem overwhelming. Since they are intertwined, many companies offer admissions consultations as well.

  • Purchase by-the-hour help for a sometimes-overwhelming admissions process
  • Choose the law school right for you
  • Get help with your application
  • Manage and organize yourself, keeping track of deadlines and things to do with checklists
  • Get help with your personal statement

Comprehensive general information on the test itself:

More than just blindly memorizing answers for an answer sheet, the LSAT is very much about writing, comprehension, and a student's own analysis. The best way to do well is to thoroughly understand each section of the test. In-depth information on each section of the test including time limits and the number of questions in each section Logic Games, an explanation of the Analytical Reasoning section of the test, which has the reputation of being the most difficult Test dates and registration information

2. Test Masters offers very intensive instruction. Founded by Robin Singh, she has more perfect LSAT scores than anyone else in the world. They are the LSAT preparation classes to take to if you want to know the test inside and out and get a very good score. The teachers on staff have also taken the test and scored near perfect or perfect scores. They are extremely knowledgeable about the LSAT, and their aim is that the students know the test just as well before they take it. The element that makes Test Masters stand out is their approach. Students get access to a large catalogue of questions, all the questions from the last twenty years. This amounts to over 7000 test questions. By becoming intimately familiar with the test their belief is that students will do better. Test Masters offers a live course, which is their recommended method. They also offer a weekend course, and an online course. One added advantage of Test Masters is that their service is offered in several countries and cities around the world. Test Masters also offers admissions counseling. This service, similar to Kaplan's, helps students through the law school admission process, resume help, personal statement assistance, and help managing and making all the test and registration deadlines.

Live Course:

  • 80+ classroom hours with knowledgeable instructors
  • 4 diagnostic exams with feedback
  • access to online resources
  • live online instructor
  • $1450

Online Course:

  • Course packet with all real questions from the last twenty years of LSAT testing (over 7000 questions)
  • Learn directly from Robin Singh
  • 30+ hours of instructional video
  • Written explanations, diagnostic scoring and other features
  • $950

Weekend Course:

  • 16 hours live in-class instruction
  • 400-page course book
  • Use of 1300+ real LSAT questions
  • Access to online resource center
  • $450

Admissions Counseling:

  • General counseling for admissions process
  • Resume assistance
  • Personal statement assistance (hourly rate or 10hr pkg)
  • Helps students meet deadlines for application and registration for tests
  • Help students increase their chances of being accepted to law school
  • Hourly rate $200 1st hour, $150 every hour after
  • 10 hour: $1250
  • Platinum package: 25 hours for $2500, extra hours at $100 per hour

3. Power Score offers virtual, weekend, and live courses, as well as tutoring services and admissions counseling. This service is more cost effective than the other two reviewed here. If you are unsure which course to take there is an online chart, which compares them all, similar to Kaplan's comparison chart. Power Score offers many publications as well. Students can order test preparation booklets, official prep tests, test and question explanations, question collections and a full course package for the student's LSAT preparation classes. Courses are offered in both online and live formats, with weekend courses for those who need a faster, more condensed experience. Their tutoring service is available by phone, in person, or online. Like Kaplan and Test Masters, Power Score also offers admissions counseling. This service offers the same assistance as the other two companies focusing on the resume, personal statement and the overall admissions process.


  • 64 live lecture hours
  • 45 hours of online lecture sessions
  • $1295


  • 16 live lecture hours
  • 19 online lecture hours
  • $395


  • 36 online lecture hours
  • 45 hours of online lecture sessions
  • $995

Virtual Weekend:

  • 36 online lecture hours, live
  • 19 hours of online lecture sessions
  • $395

Advanced Course:

  • 20+ hours on-demand lecture time focusing on either Logic Reasoning or Logic Games of LSAT
  • $350

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