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LSAT or Law School Admission Test is a difficult exam and students work hard to do well in the exam. Different students follow different methods to prepare for LSAT. There are some students who prefer to do self-study at home from the books. There are others who do like to study with friends. Another option that is followed by a large number of students is to join an LSAT prep class to be better prepared for the exam. An LSAT prep class can be broadly defined as formal training that is taken by a student with an aim to get a high score in the exam.
An LSAT prep class can be a coaching class conducted by an institute or it can be a class being conducted by individual teachers for the students at their home. It can also be a web site offering online classes to prepare for the exam. You should choose the class based on the time available and the money you wish to append on the fees of these classes. The selection of such a class will also depend on your present level of preparation. This article will briefly explain the requirements of an LSAT prep class, various types of LSAT prep classes available and their advantages and disadvantages.

LSAT Prep Class

Before we do an LSAT prep class review we shall discuss the requirements of an LSAT prep classes. As discussed above there are some students who prefer to study on their own. Self- study is a good idea but it requires a high level of motivation and is good for students who can stay motivated throughout the preparation for LSAT. Some of the books that can be helpful for the students who are planning to study on their own are, Kaplan LSAT 180, 2005-2006 (Kaplan LSAT 180)by Kaplan, The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible by David M. Killoran, Cracking the LSAT with DVD, 2007 Edition (Graduate Test Prep)by Princeton Review, The Official LSAT SuperPrepby Law School Admission Council etc. It is recommended that students who are doing self study should take regular practice tests to identify their mistakes and then rectify them.
An LSAT prep class is an excellent place where you can share your experiences with other students who are also appearing for the same exam. Students are always running short of time during preparation and thus it will be very difficult to find the details about LSAT. In such circumstances, teachers in these institutes who are qualified and experienced will guide you through your studies. These instructors generally keep themselves abreast with the continuously changing format and adapt the syllabus and format of LSAT prep class as per the new requirements. These LSAT prep classes also teach you various techniques of answering different types of questions and saving time during the exam. Thus a good LSAT prep class can be very useful and will help you prepare for the exam. Most of the publishers of the books mentioned above have their own coaching centers and run LSAT prep classes regularly. There are LSAT prep class reviews available on various web sites that compare the classes run by these companies. As per LSAT prep class reviews Princeton, Test Masters and Kaplan are some of the competitors in the market. You may request some of seniors to do LSAT prep class review for the class they have attended and then you can decide which one to join.
The last but not the least option is using internet for online LSAT preparation classes. These online LSAT preparation classes are very helpful for preparation for LSAT but it is difficult for these classes to match the guidance that can be provided by an experienced teacher. Online classes may be helpful if you do not have regular LSAT preparation class being conducted in your city or you do not have sufficient time to attend these classes and you need to study at odd hours. The decision to choose the LSAT preparation class has to be yours as you are best aware of your level of preparation and the time available to you. It is recommended that if possible you should join a regular LSAT preparation class that will guide you through your preparations.

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