Candidates applying for the law schools in the US and Canada come from all around the world. They follow different syllabi during their undergraduate years and come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds. Only undergraduate GPA can not be taken as a measure of their intelligence. Therefore, LSAT (Law School Admission Test) has been introduced. LSAT is a test of your reasoning abilities and writing skills. LSAT sections are designed to test your aptitude in processing the given information and arriving at a conclusion in a limited amount of time. So, you need proper planning and religious study of the syllabus. LSAT prep books are very useful in this regard.

Use of LSAT Prep Books

LSAT prep books offer you lots of benefits. These have been brought out briefly in succeeding paragraphs:


LSAT contains six sections. Five sections are with questions based on multiple choice answers. These sections are Logical Reasoning (two sections), Analytical Reasoning (sometimes called Logic Games), Reading Comprehension and Experimental section. The sixth section is on writing essays. LSAT preparation books explain you each of these sections in detail. You get to know the complete syllabus through your LSAT preparation books.

Exam Pattern

LSAT prep books explain you the exam pattern. The complete exam contains 101 questions. You can find out the distribution of these questions through your LSAT prep books.

Scores and Timings

LSAT prep books explain you the time allotted for each section of the exam along with the distribution of scores.

How to study

LSAT preparation books explain how to plan your approach for the LSAT. LSAT prep books contain explanations to every concept along with the practice questions. They also contain solved questions. Every solved question is accompanied with the reasoning behind it. This way you can understand every concept in detail. They also offer you a lot of practice questions.

Sample Question Papers

Success at LSAT depends on how much you practice. LSAT preparation books provide you adequate sample question papers to practice. Once you solve these papers in actual time conditions, you can tune yourself correctly for the final exam. These books also provide you with the answer keys to these question papers. This way you can keep yourself on the right track.

Dos and Don'ts

LSAT prep books are written by experienced people. The dos and don'ts included in these books guide you about how to focus on important issues and thus help you prepare in the shortest possible time. It also helps you save your precious time. It prevents you from making common mistakes.

LSAT Logic Books

The Analytical section of the LSAT is based on logic games. The questions are based on logic games and puzzles. It involves grouping, matching or ordering. Most of the questions are similar to the puzzles that you find in newspapers and magazines. You will find a number of LSAT logic books in the market. These books teach you how to make use of the given set of rules and come to a correct conclusion. These puzzles are not difficult but you need to solve them correctly in the shortest possible time. And that is what you get to learn through your LSAT logic books. These books teach you how to identify the type of the question and then how to approach it. LSAT logic books also include shortcuts required to solve the analytical reasoning questions. This way you can save your time and attempt maximum questions correctly. There are various kinds of LSAT logic books available. You will find these books online also. One can download a free LSAT logic book available on the internet. Once you get the feel of the Analytical Writing section, you can buy another book from the market.

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