LSAT Prep to be Taken in Atlanta

LSAT Prep Options in Atlanta

Online courses are the most easily available option for a student who is preparing for the LSAT, anywhere in the world. Apart from online courses, every locality has its own resources to help students prepare for the test. Atlanta has the Atlanta's John Marshall Law School and the Emory School of Law which are two of the esteemed law schools of the United States. The following is a list of prep options in Atlanta.

  1. Kaplan is at these two addresses in Atlanta:
    • Georgia Tech Campus Kaplan Center: 350, Ferst Drive, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30332
    • Atlanta Kaplan Center: 3867 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342
    Kaplan is famous for its study material for the LSAT. Atlanta houses the Kaplan offices at two places and therefore more number of students can take their courses at the same time. Kaplan course structure for students can be obtained from its website or you can visit one of its local offices in Atlanta. Website:

  2. PowerScore:
    • The PowerScore address is 659 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta Georgia, 30308.
    PowerScore provides students with two course options in Atlanta; full-time courses and weekend courses. The full time courses cost $1295 and the weekend courses are priced at $395. PowerScore is well known for its prep material for the LSAT. Their course structure is very extensive and covers almost all important aspects of the test. The weekend courses are good for students who are working or who are otherwise busy during the week. Website:

  3. Emory University
    • Emory Continuing Education, Mailstop 1256/001/1AD, Emory University Atlanta, GA 30322

    As mentioned before, Atlanta is a prime locality to prepare for the test because when we talk about law schools, the Emory University is one of the very esteemed and sought after universities for law. The Emory University offers its students and law aspirants an evening program. Emory offers an extensive course as they tackle questions from all sections. The book used in the preparation process is the official book of the LSAT, the Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests.


  4. Blueprint: The Atlanta Blueprint course is an extensive course. The duration is 112 hours and it covers all areas of the LSAT. The Blueprint company is famous for its teachers who are very well qualified and credible. There is no fixed location for the courses because for every schedule of the test there is a different course centre. You have to register well in advance for the courses so that you can get the books and texts in time for your preparation. The Blueprint company caters exclusively to the students preparing for the LSAT; for more details, see their website:

  5. TestMasters: Recently established in Atlanta, TestMasters is a company that was started in 1991 to help students appearing for the test. TestMasters is a well known preparatory course that has over the years assisted many students in understanding the requirements of the test. The TestMasters Company has specific courses for students looking for a full-time prep option in Atlanta. Their courses are for students who have a dedicated amount of time to prepare for the test. The course structure is very extensive and it covers all sections of the exam. It also provides students with books and references that are very helpful in preparing for the test. Website:

LSAT has evolved as a global test over the last few years and because it is so sought after, many companies are opening up their offices at prominent locations so that they can help the candidates prepare well for the test. Atlanta is one such 'hot' site and there are many official and unofficial choices available for a student looking forward to a good prep option in Atlanta.