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Benefits of LSAT Practice Tests

As mentioned above practice is the only method to ensure success at LSAT. LSAT Practice Tests are similar to how one learns to type. Once you learn typing you need not look at the keyboard to find the letters. Similarly, once you practice enough for LSAT you will automatically be prepared for the various parts and events of the exam. You will have a complete idea about the test paper pattern.

LSAT Practice Tests give you an opportunity to master some time saving tricks. Every section of LSAT can be solved quickly with the help of these tricks. LSAT is a multiple choice based question paper. So, one of the strategies could be to use an elimination process to arrive at an answer. In the elimination process one has to find out faults or flaws in the answer choices. You need to cancel such answer choices and narrow down your evaluation to the remaining ones. This way you should practice getting only one answer choice which is logically correct with respect to its question. But an elimination process does not merely imply that any answer choice is correct just because it is a true statement. You need to see the context of the question being asked. With LSAT Practice Tests you can practice applying such shortcuts to save time.

LSAT Practice Tests give you a taste of a tightly time bound exam. With it you can judge your performance and can make necessary changes to improve. One must get his LSAT Practice Tests evaluated from an expert if you do not have the solution to it. An expert can give you necessary tips about your weak areas and how you can overcome them. With this you can streamline your efforts.

LSAT Practice Test Strategy

Let us now understand how to make LSAT Practice Tests your best weapon for LSAT. You need not start practicing the tests right from day one. First understand all the subjects and the types of questions asked in it. Now take a practice test without time limits. Just aim for solving all the questions. This way you can find out your weaker areas in terms of sections and the particular question types. Once you have identified them, continue preparation with special focus on these areas. Give yourself about three to four weeks of time for this. Now start with LSAT Practice Tests under the actual time constraints and with the same environment as is on the day of the actual test. The number of LSAT Practice Tests should increase gradually as your LSAT test date comes closer.

With LSAT Practice Tests you should practice solving all the easier questions first. Once you have finished them then, come back to the tougher ones. Now again attempt the relatively easier questions left over. Make a point to mark the questions not attempted. This way you will not waste time reading all the questions again.

Also one should remember that every question gets around one and a half minutes of time on an average. So, while you take LSAT Practice Tests try solving the easier questions within less than one minute each so that the tougher questions can get around two minutes of time each to solve. Practice in such a way that you will not spare more than two to two and a half minutes time over a tough question. If any question takes more than this then you should just leave it for guesswork. Also do not spend more time solving just because you think you can arrive at a correct answer.

During LSAT Practice Tests make it a habit to reserve at least five minutes in the end of the test to answer all the left over questions with the help of guesses. Wrong answers will not fetch you negative marks but if you are lucky you may get more marks for free.

Do not take LSAT Practice Tests till the day prior to your actual test. Do not memorize anything and keep your mind open and brain fresh for the test. Take a good sleep in the night prior to the actual exam. Keep all the writing material along with requisite documents ready with you. Make all the necessary arrangements to reach the exam center well in time. And lastly do not have any kind of prejudice of your LSAT Practice Test score while you attempt your actual test.


There is no point if you only master the individual sections of LSAT. What matters is the overall preparation and practicing all sections all together. Practice under actual conditions. If possible do it with friends under the guidance of teachers. Make use of everything that you have to build yourself to face the exam successfully. This way you will agree with the fact that practice is the best way to prepare for LSAT as they say “Practice makes a man perfect”.

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