LSAT Practice Books

The Best LSAT Practice Books

LSAT is a test designed for testing your quick thinking skills. To get a good LSAT score a proper planning and preparation is required. An early preparation will help in avoiding the last minute confusions. While preparing set goals on a daily basis, this helps in keeping track of your learning. Simply practicing with anything available will not help, practice with the right material.

LSAT practice books play a major role in the preparation of LSAT. LSAT practice books help in familiarizing with LSAT. LSAT practice books provide the necessary strategies and techniques needed for solving LSAT. LSAT practice books provide the necessary practice material for practicing, which will help in getting a good LSAT score.

There are various LSAT practice books available in the market. Select the one that offers you the maximum practice material.

The Best LSAT Practice Books

Review of 4 LSAT Practice Books

  • LSAT: The Very Best Coaching and review Course By Robert K. Burdette, Anita Price Davis

    This book provides six full length practice tests that are similar to the latest LSATs conducted. This book is accompanied by a CD-ROM, LSAT TEST ware, which is an interactive software. The interactive software contains timed practice tests which provide you with the same testing environment as that of LSAT. Practicing a timed test acts as a self-evaluation tool. This checks your speed and also your learning pace. This LSAT practice book makes you familiar with the types of questions asked in LSAT. Each practice test is followed by an answer key which contains a detailed explanation of all the answers. The explanations are supported by reasoning for selecting an answer from the various options. Practicing all the tests provided in the book and understanding the reasoning behind each answer will help in the preparation for LSAT.

  • Pass Key to the LSAT by Jerry Bobrow

    This practice book claims to provide materials that have been used for the past 30 years in various law schools. This provides rigorous practicing. Each section of LSAT is explained with an expected questionnaire. A thorough explanation provides specific test taking strategies which make you aware of what strategy to use where, to get the correct answer. The book contains three full length practice tests which give you a feeling of the real LSAT. The questions included are from the latest LSATs.

  • McGraw-Hill's LSAT by Curvebreakers

    This book claims to provide special attention to all the sections of LSAT. All the questions are given equal importance and explained with the required reasoning. It provides 6 full length practice tests, which if taken with proper seriousness will provide you with the necessary test taking strategies and tricks to solve the different types of questions. It provides personalized tips on different topics like, how to improve your weaker areas, how to write a good essay and how to strengthen your logical and analytical reasoning skills.

  • How to Prepare for the LSAT: Law School Admission Test by Jerry Bobrow

    This practice book provides a mini-exam that makes you familiar with real LSAT. Each section of the LSAT is given importance and explained with specific test taking strategies. Different questions are explained with the help of up-to-date examples. It contains six full length practice tests which are accompanied by an answer key which is fully explained. An analysis chart is provided with the book which helps in keeping track of your learning.

Selecting the correct LSAT practice books is an important task. You can take the help of your teachers or friends appearing for LSAT for this purpose. Reading reviews of different books on the internet can also help. Comparing different LSAT practice books before buying will ensure appropriate selection of LSAT practice books.

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