LSAT Perfect Score

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain the Perfect LSAT Score

LSAT is taken by students to secure admission in the law schools of USA, Canada and several other countries. The test is administered four times during a year by LSAC or Law School Admission Council and the students are allowed to repeat the test thrice within a period of three years. The test is held at centres that are located all over the world and it is one important aspect that is considered by law schools along with various other factors. In fact, the LSAT score is used by the law schools to evaluate the candidates who have taken the test.

LSAT comprises the following five sections and the students are supposed to answer each section within 35 minutes:

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Variable Section

The first three sections contain multiple-choice questions. The Writing sample is provided to the students at the end of the test. However, the variable section is non-scoring and the placement of this section keeps changing with each test.

LSAT Score

The scores of LSAT are allotted to the students, based on the number of questions that they have answered correctly and there are no deductions for incorrect answers. Initially, the students get the raw scores that are later converted in a scale of 120 to 180. While 120 is the lowest score 180 is LSAT perfect score that is rarely achieved by students. As far as LSAT score is concerned, there are certain things that LSAT applicants should remember:

  • LSAT score is combined with GPA or the grade-point average of the students to be assessed by the admission committee of various law schools.
  • Although LSAT perfect score is 180, the students who apply to the top law schools score around 168 to 175.
  • The initial scores are converted to LSAT range through a procedure called equating.
  • Although most LSAT applicants dream of getting LSAT perfect score, few are able to achieve this feat.
  • Most law schools consider all the scores of the LSAT based on the number of times that a student has taken this test. Therefore, the trick is to put the best effort to achieve LSAT perfect score by reducing the number of attempts.
  • The academic records of the students are also considered by the law schools while assessing the candidates.

Step-by Step Guide to Achieve Perfect Score in LSAT

Getting LSAT perfect score is difficult but not impossible. The students are required to follow effective steps and maintain a disciplined approach for getting high score in LSAT. Let us explore this stepwise guideline to achieve LSAT perfect score:

  • Choosing the test date is the first and most important step for the fulfilment of academic goals. The LSAT applicants should try to select a date for taking this test that will allow them to have enough time for preparation and room for improvement.
  • The registration process should be completed in advance to get preferred dates for taking LSAT.
  • The LSAT applicants should understand each section of the test in detail from the official website of LSAC.
  • It is necessary to be careful while choosing the prep courses and stay away from old and outdated materials for achieving LSAT perfect score. Taking practice tests is an excellent method of preparation and allows students to understand their weaknesses as far as taking LSAT is concerned. For instance, the practice test offered by Princeton Review is very useful as it comes with answer explanations. Taking practice tests in those sections in which an applicant is weak helps to move them closer to LSAT perfect score.
  • Time management is another important element of LSAT and the applicants should take practice tests regularly to track their progress.
  • There are several private tutoring options that are available in various locations and the classes are held on an hourly basis. These options are beneficial because they offer personalised feedback and attention.
  • Lastly, the students should understand the scoring system of LSAT, which is based on the number of correct answers. Each question of LSAT carries an equal weightage. The best way is to move on with the correct answers about which a test taker is confident and tackle the others later.


Taking LSAT is an integral part of securing admission in law schools although LSAT score is not the only deciding factor that is considered by law schools during the admission procedure. However, a higher or LSAT perfect score certainly shows the merit level of the students to a large extent.

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