LSAT Percentiles

LSAT or Law School Admission Test is a test which is required for admission to a large number of law schools in United States and Canada. LSAT, which is conducted by LSAC, is a test of the qualification of candidates in reading and verbal reasoning skills. LSAT is conducted at various LSAT locations in the world four times in a year. You are required to register for LSAT for appearing for the test. LSAT registration includes filling of students personal particulars, selection of the format of the exam, exam center and the date of the exam. It also asks for the details of colleges where you would like your scores to be reported.
LSAT is designed to measure skills that are important for your studies in a law school. Comprehension of complex statements with accuracy, the organization and management of information, the ability to draw reasonable conclusions and the ability to analyze and evaluate arguments are few such skills that are evaluated. The three sections namely reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning try to cover all the skills mentioned above. LSAT scores or LSAT percentiles that represent your skills thus are used as one of the factors by the law schools for the admission.

LSAT Percentile

LSAT percentile is a method of representation of result of LSAT after you appear for the exam. LSAT score obtained by you is based on the number of correct answers given by you. This score is also known as raw score. There is no negative marking in the exam and hence no marks are deducted for wrong answers. These raw scores are then converted to an LSAT scale that is from 120 to 180. The scale of 120-180 means that 120 is the lowest score possible and 180 is the highest possible score. This is done through a statistical method called equating. This method adjusts for minor differences in difficulty between test forms. The scaled score obtained by the students puts him in a certain relative position compared to the other students. LSAT percentile is a mean of representing these relative positions based on the scaled score.
LSAT percentile indicates where you stand in the overall pool of students who have taken the test. For example, if a score of 170 represents the 80th LSAT percentile, it means that the student with a score of 170 or 80th LSAT percentile has equal or better marks than 80 percent of the people who have taken the test in the last three years. LSAT percentile is very important as it is a true indicator of your position as compared to other students who have taken the test. LSAT percentile also helps LSAC to compare the results of students who have taken tests at different times of a year.

Interpretation of LSAT scores

LSAT scores percentile gives you a good idea about how you have fared in the exam. So it is important that other than scoring good marks, you should also get a high percentile. It is very important to understand the relation between marks and LSAT scores percentile. If you have high LSAT scores but a low LSAT score percentile, it means there are many students who have done better than you in the exam. At the same time if you have low LSAT scores but high LSAT score percentile you have done better than many students who have taken the test. So it is all about relative performance and this relative performance is not just about the performance of students who have taken the test this year, it is compared to the performance of the students who have taken the test during last three years. 99th Percentile LSAT Score
A student with 99th percentile LSAT score will certainly be in a very good position as far as LSAT is concerned. As explained earlier, a student with 99th percentile LSAT score would have scored marks higher than 99 percent people taking the test. It places him in a very good position compared to his fellow students. 99th percentile LSAT score is a very difficult position to achieve. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve a high score like 99th percentile LSAT score. But the question is, do you really need to get that high LSAT percentile? Well it will depend upon your aspirations. If you wish to get admission in a college where the LSAT percentile required is very high then you too will have to get a similar LSAT percentile.

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