LSAT Material

Guidance for LSAT is available in various forms like books, tutorials on printed documents. In this article we will discuss the various forms of prep in detail.

LSAT Books

There are books available in the market that provide you the complete knowhow about the test with sufficient number of sample questions and practice tests. Some of the good books that can be helpful are, Kaplan LSAT 180, 2005-2006 (Kaplan LSAT 180) by Kaplan, The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible by David M. Killoran, Cracking the LSAT with DVD, 2007 Edition (Graduate Test Prep) by Princeton Review, The Official LSAT SuperPrep by Law School Admission Council etc. Some of these books are accompanied by CDs with sample questions, answer keys and practice tests. The disadvantage with books is that it is difficult to revise the books every year and thus books will require additional support to stay updated with the latest changes or format of the exam. You should try and purchase the latest editions of books. Some of these publishers also own websites and provide free membership to students who purchase the books. These sites also contain amendments and corrections to the content that are published in them.

LSAT Tutorials

There are websites that provide guidance as part of the online coaching. These sites have online tutorials that cover the entire syllabus in detail. The prep matter provided by these sites guide you through the entire process of registration, preparation and admission. The advantage of such tutorials is the flexibility of the content that is published in them, which is updated based on the latest inputs available.

LSAT Booklets

The institutes or coaching centers that conduct courses prefer to issue their own study guides. The study matter issued by these institutes is sifted preparation material. Hence, this material can be very useful. The instructors at these institutes who are experts in their field continuously keep updating the content. They even issue supplementary booklets in case they get additional inputs.

LSAT Miscellaneous

There can be other types of material as well that can provide you help with your preparation. The first example of this type is the software that are available on CDs. Some software can help you to identify your weaknesses and rectify them. They can provide you questions in a random order to help you practice for the exam. The other option is using books that are passed on from your seniors. This may include some old books, question papers, tips and notes. These articles can be very useful as this is likely to be sifted notes that can come handy, though the reliability of this material will depend on the capability of the senior student who is handing over the material. The other option, if time is not a major factor, is to prepare your own notes and use them as reference for your preparation.
It is recommended that you should choose one good book as a reference and then update yourself with the latest inputs from the official website of LSAT and then prepare your own notes with details of handling various types of questions in different sections. You should also prepare notes on various techniques and tricks to save time during the exam. This however can be done only if you have time, else you have to rely on the available content provided by some website or some book.

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