LSAT Highest Score

5 Important Strategies for Obtaining the Highest LSAT Score

LSAT requires a candidate to attempt an average of about 101 questions distributed under different sections. The scores of LSAT are based on the number of correct attempts made by you. This score is called as raw score and is converted to a scaled score which is based on a range of 120-180. Scaled score of 120 is considered as low LSAT score and a score of 180 is considered as LSAT highest score. A scaled score of 151 is usually considered as the 50th percentile. A candidate getting a scaled score above 170 falls in the category of achieving LSAT highest score and will get a sure seat in the top law school.

LSAT highest score should not be considered as something impossible to achieve. A carefully planned and dedicated attempt can provide you with LSAT highest score. Getting a LSAT highest score will make you eligible for scholarships provided by different organizations. This will provide you with the necessary financial help for your law school studies.

5 Important Strategies for Obtaining the Highest LSAT Score

  • Start Preparing Early-If you have decided to take the LSAT, then your preparation for LSAT should begin 4-6 months in advance. This gives you ample time to understand each concept clearly. When the concepts are clear, the problems related to the concepts can be solved easily. This results in achieving LSAT highest score.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice-Practicing again and again for LSAT can help you in achieving LSAT highest score. Practicing again and again makes you familiar with the pattern of LSAT. This can help in designing strategies or methods for solving a particular type of problem. When presented with a similar question on the day of the test, that you have practiced, you find it easier to solve it.

  • Preparation courses-Joining a prep course can help in achieving LSAT highest score. Joining a prep course alone will not guarantee LSAT highest score.You have to strictly follow the instructions or guidelines provided by the tutor. Completing the assignments provided by the institute helps in getting LSAT highest score. Prep coursesfollow a specific pattern which covers each topic and thus makes you familiar with all the concepts. The prep courses usually include the same type of questions that are asked in the LSAT. So, practicing these questions provides you with an advantage. You can opt for a full-length course or for a short-time course. Private tutoring or self-study can also be considered for the preparation. Select the method that suits you and can provide you with the maximum.

  • Time controlled tests-Taking practice tests in an environment similar to the day of the exam and at the same time of the test can help in tuning your body for the exam. Taking timer-set tests will help you on the day of the test as you will not be surprised by the amount of time you have to spend on the D-day. This decreases a lot of pressure and will help in concentrating more on the test.

  • Test Day-Preparation and practice alone cannot guarantee you with LSAT highest score. How you take the test is also an important factor for getting LSAT highest score. Be relaxed before the test day and also on the test day. Attempt the easier questions first and follow the elimination method to get the correct answers in the multiple choices section. LSAT doesn't involve negative marking, so attempt all the questions even if you are not sure of a particular answer.

Be positive in your approach. Be relaxed and confident with your preparation. In the initial days, you may take long hours for understanding a concept. But this will decrease as the time proceeds. Don't worry about the quantity but be clear about the quality of your study. This will surely help you with LSAT highest score.

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