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The logical reasoning section has two parts. There are about 24 to 26 questions in both these parts, and about 35 minutes are allotted to each part. Therefore, it can be said that you have one and a half minute to answer a single question. Most of the passages are three or four sentences long and apply to one question, but some passages are longer. Most questions have an argument that has some fault in it that you have to identify. There will be some questions in which you have to find the conclusion of a valid argument, while others feature arguments that are more like miniature logic games.

If you wish to comprehend the logical reasoning section properly, you should be familiar with basic conditional reasoning. Since there are questions in this section that are based on finding logic, conditions and reasoning, an understanding of this trick is good in order to have control over these questions.

Free LSAT Prep Help

There are many web sites that provide free LSAT prep help. It is not necessary that since the web site is providing free LSAT prep help, the quality of help will not be good. The free LSAT prep help provided by these web sites can sometimes be more informative and helpful than help provided by paid web sites. The motive of these web sites can be different.

While some of these web sites provide free LSAT prep help to advertise about their preparation courses, others use the opportunity to guide the students who are not yet sure about taking the test. The official web site of LSAC also offers free LSAT prep help. This free LSAT prep help provided by LSAC also includes tips to prepare for various sections. There are other web sites that provide free LSAT prep help only for students who cannot afford the expensive coaching.

There is a trick to the free LSAT prep help provided by most of these web sites. These web sites do not share the complete details about the preparation for LSAT in the free LSAT prep help and use this only to lure people to take the paid courses.

If you need introductory LSAT help to gain some information about LSAT than you can refer to web sites that provide free LSAT prep help for introductory information. But if you have made up your mind to appear for LSAT, you should get help from official LSAT web site or professional sites which run LSAT courses.

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