How to Understand LSAT and GPA Grids?

Access LSAT GPA Grids through

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) administers the LSAT. This exam is a gateway to enter the renowned law schools for studying law courses. However, law schools judge you on the basis of your LSAT result and undergraduate GPA before offering admission to their Juris Doctor (JD) programs. Therefore, this article intends to inform you how to get access to GPA and LSAT's scores grids that are set by law schools as an important criterion for offering admissions to aspirants. This is followed by a sample score grid of some of the prestigious law schools. If you want to know about the score range for LSAT and undergraduate GPA set by law schools, you can access the grids through the links of  the respective law schools. These links are available on the official website, To get detailed information, you may browse the webpage

How do you Access LSAT and GPA Grids?

Mentioned below are the steps you can use to check the scores in the website

  • Open the link
  • Choose one of the countries from among the United States, Canada, Armenia, Australia, Hungary and India. The choice of a country is based on the location of the law schools that you have chosen to apply for admission.
  • Open the link of one of the law schools for which you want to obtain information.
  • Suppose that you want to get access to the information about the Yale Law School in the United States.
  • Follow the search path: Home> Admissions> Apply for the J.D.> J.D. Admissions FAQ> Entering Class Profile.
  • You can view the scores table in the following format:

LSAT GPA Range (25th and 75th percentile)




LSAT Score Range (25th and 75th percentile)


LSAT Score Range


Median score



The following description provides you with information about some other law schools. They are Harvard Law School, The University of Chicago The Law School, Boston University School of Law, and Columbia Law School etc. It should help you in getting a clear idea of the range of scores that these law schools consider for admitting students to their JD programs.

The results of the Harvard Law School for the fall term 2011 of their JD program ( convey that this school has offered admissions to those students who have scored within the GPA range of 3.78 to 3.97, and the LSAT score range of 171 to 176. In addition, the table of the 2014 batch for the JD Law program at the University of Chicago The Law School communicates that they have considered those students for admission who fall within the GPA score range of 3.19 to 4.13, and the LSAT score range of 154 to 180. However, the GPA range for the 25th and 75th percentiles is 3.71 to 3.94. To get detailed information, you may visit the link . The results of the 2011 first year batch in the Boston University School of Law reveals that this law school has admitted those students who fall within the GPA range of 3.50 to 3.77 and the LSAT score range of 162 to 166. These ranges represent the 25th and 75th percentiles. If you want to get detailed information, you may consult the webpage

It is important for you to know the criteria for admission laid down by the law schools of your choice. This will guide you to prepare for the exam accordingly. You may set your own target of attaining a score within a certain range so that your dream college might offer you admission. Thus, the discussion above provides you with almost complete information about the types of scores that will get you into a good law school. This will also help you in using the official website for getting access to the law schools of your choice.