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Calculations Based on Your GPA and LSAT Score for Different Purposes

In order to determine the suitability of an applicant, the LSAT score along with undergraduate GPA scores of the candidates is used as a deterministic variant. The law school admission committees routinely use the LSAT GPA calculator to ascertain your chances of securing admission to a top law school. Although most of the LSAT GPA calculators are indicative in nature, they are extremely useful because they help you to position yourself with respect to the law school of your reckoning.

LSAT GPA Calculations:

As a matter of policy most universities do not prescribe to GPA or LSAT score cut-offs. An average of both, your GPA (at around 70%) and LSAT score (at around 30%) will be used to determine your overall rank. In addition to that, you will also be evaluated on your extra-curricular activities, job experience, contribution to community activities and personality attributes. A matrix of this information will be used to assess your admissibility to law school and eligibility for scholarship. Some of the admission prediction calculators have been reviewed below:

Law School Predictor (LSP)

When it comes to LSAT GPA calculator the law school prediction calculator is relatively new, making its official entry only in June, 2009. The LSAT GPA calculator from LSP, besides making predictions, is also the only prediction calculator that incorporates a unique feature "binding early decision", for an improved calculation of the candidate's chance of admission. The LSP LSAT GPA calculator calculates 25% of LSAT and 75% of GPA scores of matriculated students along with their admission index formulas. Admission index formulas are mathematical formulas which vary with each school. For instance some schools may consider 70% of your LSAT scores as against 30% of your GPA scores to calculate their index formulas. In case a school does not publish formulas, then the LSAT GPA calculator will calculate the admission index score by a combination of regression analysis along with a review of data from law school numbers (LSN).

Another unique feature of the LSP LSAT GPA calculator is its ability, to identify applicants who are splitters (high LSAT scores with comparatively low GPA scores) as well as those who have very low GPA scores. In such cases, the LSP LSAT GPA calculator will apply a penalty to the applicant's chances of getting admission to the various schools that he applies to.

For more information on the LSAT GPA calculator from LSP check their official website:

HourUMD Law School Probability Calculator

This is a comprehensive LSAT GPA calculator, published in affiliation with and includes several non-ABA accredited law schools in addition to the top law school numbers . The HourUMD LSAT GPA calculator generates its results based on the applicant's self- reported LSN data. The LSN data is then aggregated and is used to calculate the percentage of LSN applicants with similar numbers to the users who were admitted to a specific school.

At present the HourUMD LSAT GPA calculator is one of the best prediction tools for law school admission and includes nearly all ABA law schools as well as some non-ABA schools. The only negative side to this LSAT GPA calculator is that under-represented minorities (URM), splitters: both traditional(high LSAT scores versus low GPA scores) and reverse (low LSAT scores versus high GPA scores), and candidates who are represented in Tier 2, 3 and 4 schools, may find that the data is of very little help to forecast their chances. To calculate your LSAT GPA score log onto

The candidates can use any of the LSAT GPA calculators to ascertain his/her chances of making it to the law school of their choice. It should however, be borne in mind that these calculators have their flip side and are not 100% accurate.

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