LSAT Good Score

Utility of a Good LSAT Score

LSAT is scored in the range of 120-180. It is not a direct score. The minimum LSAT score one can get is 120 and the maximum one can get is 180. In the LSAT test there are around 101 questions. Each question carries equal marks. This is the raw score. A formula is used and the raw score is converted to the final score which is in the range of 120-180. The formula used varies from test to test. A person should at least get 12-13 questions right for his/her mark to move beyond 120. So when a person scores 120 as his LSAT score it does not mean that he has got all the questions wrong and when a person scores 180 it does not mean that he has got all the questions right. With 1 or 2 mistakes also a person can get 180.

Good LSAT Score

An LSAT good score depends on the law school one wants to enter. Any competitive score is a good LSAT score. 160 may be a good score but is not good enough to take the student to the top 10 law schools. Usually when a person scores more than 166 he/she can enter the top 10 law schools. Only with a 169+ score can one enter the top 5 law schools.

In the LSAT test most of the students fall in the 140-160 score bracket. If one scores in the 140s or lesser, chances of him/her getting into a law school is very less. Most people, 75% of the candidates, generally have a score of 150-160. So a better score in this range will get one into a better law school. At this score, the writing sample which is not scored by the LSAC is used by the law schools to offer admission.

The average LSAT scores of students who got admitted in the top 5 law schools are



Median LSAT Score


Harvard University Law School



Columbia University Law School



Yale University Law School



New York University Law School



University of Chicago Law School


Financial Aid

Another advantage with an LSAT good score is the financial aid the student will get. In some law schools which admit students in the 150s, a 159 or 158 are considered an LSAT good score and the student is given financial aid. But the same 158 or 159 may not get financial aid in the top 20 law schools.

Other Factors

An LSAT good score can take a person to the top law school but a poor GPA will offset this advantage. A law school takes into consideration both the GPA score and the LSAT score. So even with a good LSAT score if the GPA is low, the student may not get admitted to the top law schools. Similarly a high GPA can compensate for a slightly low LSAT score, but this is less possible since the LSAT score has a higher weightage than the GPA.

Research analysis has shown that around 10% candidates with high LSAT scores are not offered seats in good law schools since their application is badly done. So a high LSAT score alone cannot take one into a good law school. LSAT good score is a very important factor in admission into a law school but that alone is not enough. One should have a good GPA, good recommendations and good application.

An LSAT good score depends on which law school he/she wants to apply and if he/she requires financial help or not. Generally a 160+ score are considered a good score to enter into a good law school provided that the other credentials like GPA, recommendations and application are good.

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