Comparing LSAT and GMAT

LSAT or GMAT-Which One Is Better?

Right after graduating from high school, students have many different options to pursue their higher education. In a way, the students are then free to select their choice of course, which will essentially decide their future. Until high school, many students are bound to rely more upon their parents but for their higher education, it is up to them to decide. In such an environment, they decide upon a degree they wish to pursue and take the relevant entrance examination to secure admission in the best of colleges available.

What Are LSAT and GMAT?

The LSAT test and the GMAT, both, are such entrance examinations that open the gates for students to enter into a graduating school based upon their performance and merit. LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. The testing service is owned, controlled, published and administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). LSAC is the governing and regulating body for the LSAT and currently comprises of over 200 member law universities. It is a competitive standardized test for students who wish to pursue law. To gain admission at law schools located in the USA, Canada and many other countries, you will have to take the test.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This test is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The GMAT is a standardized test for the students who wish to pursue business administration courses like the MBA, Master of Accountancy etc. Scores from this test are accepted by business schools from all over the world for their admission review processes.

Primary Differences between LSAT and GMAT

Both are different tests that have their own unique importance. The following points illustrate the core primary differences between them.

  • First, they differ in the type of test administration. GMAT is a computer-adaptive test while LSAT is a paper-based test. Also, GMAT is administered as a paper-based test only on some special conditions.

  • LSAT is administered four times in a year while GMAT is administered throughout the year except on some holidays that have local importance.

  • LSAT is administered directly by the LSAC while GMAT, although is administered by the GMAC, it is offered in the form of computer-based test by the Pearson VUE.

  • LSAT is priced at US $139 for the test takers in USA and US $144 for the test takers in Canada. The GMAT is priced at US $250 globally.

  • In testing the student's abilities, the tests vary even more. LSAT purely focuses on testing the student's critical, logical, and reasoning thinking abilities. For that purpose, the LSAT consists of five sections in all of which three sections account for the total score.

  • GMAT focuses on testing the students' Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Reasoning skills. The GMAT consists of three sections namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative and Verbal sections.

LSAT or GMAT-Which One Is Better?

There will not be any meaning in classifying a single test as best. They are both important and crucial in the lives of the respective aspirants. However, we can mention some points related to the accessibility and convenience based upon which one of the exams can be considered as better.

  • GMAT is administered throughout the year which increases the students' chances to take the test more conveniently. Moreover, GMAT can be taken once in every 31 days while LSAT cannot be taken more than thrice in a two-year continuous period. This increases the accessibility of GMAT than that of LSAT.

  • Due to low acceptance of LSAT's scores when compared to that of the GMAT's scores, it can be evident that GMAT is comparatively taken by more number of students.

  • GMAT is administered in more number of testing centers compared to those for the LSAT worldwide.

Based upon the above points, it is justifiable to say that GMAT is a bit better than LSAT. But this conclusion might even be contradicted by the fact that the highest numbers of GMAT aspirants are lawyers.