Procuring Explanations for the Questions of LSAT

The Best Resources for LSAT Questions and Their Answer Explanations

LSAT is an examination that all aspiring law school candidates have to appear for. If you wish to study in the top law schools of USA, Canada or Australia then a good score in LSAT is mandatory. Although the test tries to measure your inherent talent of logical and analytical skills, yet it is an examination which you can ace with hard work and sincerity. Another important element that is required to succeed in LSAT is practice. However, random practice will not produce the desired results. You need to practice as well as review your work so that the same mistakes are not repeated. To help you do so, you need proper guidance that will give you not only the correct answers but also provide explanations, telling you why they are the correct answers. Some features of a good guidance are discussed in the following section.

Know Your Explanations for LSAT

There are a number companies and institutes that publish explanations of previous tests online or in the form of books. These explanations are essential if you wish to identify a pattern in the mistakes that you make. If you can identify the pattern, then it will become easier for you to overcome it. However, before you purchase a book or go online to check for papers, ensure that they have some of the following features:

  • The explanations provided should be elaborate. It should not only explain the correct answer but also explain why the other answers are wrong.

  • If you are using online suggestions, then ensure that the sites are updated regularly. Moreover, it should contain explanations of the recent questions as well.

  • It is an added advantage if the explanations provided are accompanied with a video. This will give you the feel of a classroom session and thus, help you concentrate better.

  • If you are using online explanations, then there should be an option for you to post your queries. This will help the authors of these explanations understand the common problems faced by candidates while solving the questions. This knowledge in turn will help the authors frame the explanations better.

Thus, before you start following any random source, ensure that they comprise the above mentioned features. You should also make certain that the site or the book that you are following is authentic. Since you will be depending on the website or books to help you identify your weaknesses, it is essential that the answers they give are authentic and correct. Some websites that offer guidance on preparing for the test are given in the following section.

Where can You Find Explanations

There are a number of websites, hosted by institutes offering preparatory courses, where you will find authentic explanations of previous questions. Reviews of such websites are as follows: This is one of the most authentic websites for explanations of questions. In this website, all the questions from June 1991 to December 2007 have been explained. This website is highly organized and you can access any question quite easily. Moreover, the explanations are quite precise and easy to understand. The website is quite authentic and is updated regularly. This is a website maintained by 'LSAT Freedom', which is an institute that prepares candidates for the test. This is an authentic website where you will find explanations of the recent papers as well. The answers along with the explanations for the October 2011 test have been uploaded recently. You can access these explanations by paying a fee of $49.99 per LSAT. This is a website maintained by 'Manhattan LSAT' another institute offering preparatory courses for LSAT. This website contains explanations of most tests. However, the drawback of this website is that it is more like a forum where candidates themselves can put up the answers along with the explanations. However, tutors employed by 'Manhattan LSAT' update the site regularly ensuring that most of the answers posted are correct.

These are the 3 most easily accessible and authentic websites, providing answers and clarifications. These websites are most helpful for candidates who are preparing for the test on their own. These websites provide the yardstick against which candidates can measure themselves. They also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, use these websites to your advantage while preparing for the examination.