How to Select an LSAT Test Date

The LSAT Test Date:

The LSAT is a standardized test, which is administered all over the world for four times in a year and which is a test for test-takers' readiness to handle law school courses. The LSAT test dates are integral in taking LSAT. LSAT date of testing serves the basis of your preparation as based on this date you have to plan your preparation schedule. Moreover, the testing LSAT date is used while filling up the registration form for LSAT, either through the Internet, postal mail or over phone. There is a specific process of choosing your LSAT date for testing over the Internet. Otherwise, while registering through mail or by phone, you simply need to write down or say, respectively, your testing date for LSAT. In this article, we shall discuss the selection procedure of LSAT date for testing over the Internet. However, you must remember that before you proceed to select your LSAT test date, you have to make a free online account with the LSAC. Let us discuss the steps you need to follow.

Making a Registered LSAC Account:

The LSAC or the Law School Admission Council are the administrators of LSAT and online submission of registration form. In this regard, you need to make a registered LSAT account with the LSAC, to start selecting your LSAT date for testing. You have to visit the sign up page for making your LSAC account. After creating your account, you have to start your registration procedure. Let us discuss the next step in the next point.

Logging In for Registration:

Once you have a registered LSAC account, you need to login to your account to start your registration, which is a systematic process. First, you have to look for the LSAT tab in your account homepage. Hover your mouse to that tab and wait till a drop-down box appears. Click the Register button and wait till it automatically redirects you to a new page.

Choosing Your LSAT Dates:

Now that you have initiated the LSAT registration process, you have to enter your own location information and click 'Submit' once you have found your location. You will be directed to the next page where you have to choose the LSAT date for testing. You shall view the list of all upcoming LSAT test dates. The upcoming dates of LSAT administration are:

You have to select your desired LSAT date for testing from this list. The list shows the test dates of upcoming LSAT. You should check the provisions of Saturday testing under View Saturday Sabbath Observer Dates, in case you are bound by related religious sanctions. It is important to note that each test date has a hyperlink to its name. The link takes you to the testing dates and deadlines of LSAT. You must know that a walk-in registration is not permitted by the LSAC authorities. Hence, you must consider the deadlines and dates of late registration for LSAT, in order to avoid any confusion.

As said earlier, your selection of the LSAT date for testing is important as it is recommended that you make a study routine according to the test date you choose. That will ensure a perfect preparation for LSAT and will also avoid last-minute study. Be cautious while entering the test date in case of paper or phone registration. Do not be too late with your LSAT registration. The registration deadline closes at 11:59 pm o the Eastern Time. Though late registration procedure is present, it is still advised that you register within the default deadline.

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