LSAT Courses in NYC

Courses for LSAT Prep in NYC

LSAT Courses NYC

New York City (NYC) consists of several Law Schools; because of this several prep courses are available at various coaching institutes in NYC. These are available as full-length courses, online courses, weekend classes and as private tutoring courses. The different courses are designed to suit all the categories of students. For those who cannot attend classroom coaching, online classes are available. If you have time to spend on weekends, then weekend classes are available. Those who want to study individually can opt for private tutoring services. Courses can be selected according to one's convenience, requirement and budget. All the institutes claim to provide the best tutors, excellent study materials designed for personalized needs and regular feedbacks for helping the student in excelling the test.

Courses for LSAT Prep in NYC

  • Stratus Prep ( institute offers programs at various locations at their Midtown Manhattan office. The institute can be contacted at Midtown Office Location, 27 W, 24th Street, Suite 10B (10th Floor), New York, NY 10010, (212) 307-1788.

  • The institute claims to provide the services of professors and tutors who themselves have scored 173+ and have 2+ years of teaching. The classroom size is limited to 19, which ensures individual attention and better interaction between the tutors and the students. The institute claims to offer more classroom time compared to other courses. This course prepares the student in solving different types of questions through rigorous practice sessions. The method of teaching used is very simple, which is understood by even the weakest students.

  • Manhattan LSAT ( offers sessions at 138 W, 25th Street, New York, (646) 254-6480.
  • The institute provides the best teachers who are masters in their fields. The teachers are selected after rigorous selection process and are made to undergo a training schedule. The classroom size is limited to 18 to provide with better teacher-student interaction. The online classroom consists of 25 students who are accompanied by 2 teachers. The course aims at providing the student with a score of 170 +. The course is different from the others in their straightforward and innovative approach. It also provides a special facility called the LSAT Reading Room, which provides a disturbance free environment for learning.

  • PowerScore LSAT services are available at PowerScore New York, LLC, 247 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018, United States, (800) 545-1750,
  • The institute claims to provide the best study material prepared under the guidance of expert staff. Their services are aimed at a wider customer network which is provided in a tension-free, fun-filled environment. The tutors of the institute teach you in such a manner that they keep you concentrated through the entire class. The institute provides full-length, virtual, weekend, virtual weekend, advanced and tutoring courses. The courses can be selected depending on your convenience. The institute also provides free lessons, help articles and admission guides.

  • Bell Curves ( is available at 151 West 46th Street, New York, (646) 414-1586. The institute has been offering its services since 2003, especially to the under privileged students, who are academically bright and need support. The institute is different from others in the way they function. Once enrolled, they guide the student in all their activities, beginning from the registration process. The courses are designed to prepare you with the latest techniques for solving a problem. It also prepares you on how to use a technique at the correct situation. Several training sessions and workshops are provided to inform the student regarding various processes involved in the Law School admission. The classes provided by Bell Curves are flexible, all the topics are given equal importance, the students are provided with regular feedbacks and personalized study materials. The cost structure is very low as it is specially designed for the financially weaker section of students.

There are various institutes available which can be selected depending on one's requirements. Make sure that the institute or program you select is used in a positive way to gain the maximum scores you can achieve.