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Why Should You Take up an LSAT Course?

If you have decided that a career in law is for you, then you would have also decided to take the LSAT. The LSAT is the test conducted by the LSAC and the LSAT score is the most important criterion for admission into law schools.

You can prepare for the LSAT by studying on your own or by taking an LSAT course to help you prepare. Except for a small minority of determined, hard-working and highly intelligent people, most of us will require some help in the form of an LSAT course to get us ready for the LSAT.

It is a common misconception that because the LSAT tests the skills that you already have, you do not need to study for the LSAT. Some people also (mistakenly) believe that the skills required to perform well in the LSAT can neither be taught by someone, nor can they be learned by someone a few weeks prior to the test. None of this is true.

The LSAT is a test that is structured in such a way that if everyone had all the time they wanted to take the test in, everyone could have performed well. But due to the time limit imposed on the test takers, you need to practise the likely questions so that you can attempt all or most of the test questions. You will also greatly benefit from detailed explanations of the concepts needed to answer the questions, especially in the logic games section of the test. This kind of help is best obtained by taking an LSAT course.

The LSAT prep courses are authored by the experts in the field. They are people who have done extremely well on an actual LSAT and have scored in the 98th percentile or higher. The instructors, who are employed by the LSAT prep companies to tutor the students, are also people who have scored high on an LSAT. Moreover, the instructors are chosen for their ability to teach and motivate others and many of them undergo a training course that is specifically designed to improve their skills of teaching LSAT prep to students. The courses themselves are available in a variety of choices. Many of them can be customized to suit individual requirements.

Review of some of the best LSAT courses:

1. PowerScore:

PowerScore is a leading LSAT course company. PowerScore’s tutors have scored 99th percentile in actual LSATs. It provides a full length LSAT course which includes more than 3000 pages of reading material. It also offers a shorter weekend course with over 600 pages. It also has an in-person tutoring LSAT course which comes as different package deals. They range from 5 hours to 64 hours of sessions and you have the option to purchase additional hours if you need them.

2. TestMasters:

Since 1991, TestMasters has been conducting LSAT prep classes. Its course material includes a set of all LSAT questions that have been released in the past 20 years. The course also includes explanations of the answers, concepts, logic games and 16 full-length tests. TestMasters has the options of in-person tutoring, online and telephonic tutoring. You can purchase extra sessions if they are required. Thirty hours of video instruction is also provided. These videos can be watched at a time that is convenient to you. TestMasters also offers the use of a search engine and has a database of all actual LSAT questions.

3. Princeton Review:

The Princeton Review has a large number of courses to choose from. The duration of the various course packages range from 3 to 104 hours. The company offers personal and online tutoring and also classroom lessons.

It is safer and more prudent to take an LSAT course to prepare for the test. Although you may take the LSAT more than once, it is better to make your best effort and get the best score possible in one single attempt. This is most likely to happen if you take an LSAT prep course.

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