Details About LSAT to be Conducted in California

LSAT Details if You Are in California

LSAT or the Law School Admission Test is held throughout the world. Candidates from all over the world can compete for a seat in the prestigious law schools of USA, Canada and Australia by appearing for this exam. But, in order to fare well in LSAT, it is essential that you prepare well for it. The best method of preparation is by enrolling in a course. There are a number of institutes that offer different methods of preparation. If you are from California then you should get effective training from a renowned institute that has a branch in your state. Some of the prep options for candidates are discussed in the following sections.

LSAT Preparatory Institutes California

Before you enroll in a preparatory course, you should take into account your requirements and what you expect from the course. Thus you should enroll in a course that meets most of your requirements. There are a number of institutes in California that prepare candidates for LSAT.

The foremost among them is Blueprint ( Some of the features of the LSAT course held by Blueprint in California are as follows:

  • Blueprint has a large number of branches in California. Some of its branches in California are as follows:
    • Berkeley
    • San Francisco
    • Long Beach (LA)
    • Los Angeles (USC)
    • Northridge
    • Pasadena
    • Westwood (UCLA)
    • Irvine

    Thus, you can select a center that is convenient to you and enroll in a preparatory course.

  • It also has online courses for candidates who have time and travelling constraints.
  • Blueprint holds its classroom sessions taking into account the dates of LSAT in California. Since, all the 4 LSATs are not held in all test centers, Blueprint adjusts its classroom session locations accordingly.
  • The materials provided are sufficient and you will not have to purchase any supplemental material for your preparation. The materials provided for candidates enrolling in any Blueprint class room session from anywhere in USA is the same. So you can be assured that you will get the same help and attention as your counterparts anywhere else in the country.

Thus, if it is good study materials and large number of classroom sessions you seek, then this is the best option for you.

Testmasters is another institute that holds LSAT preparatory courses in California.

  • Some of the locationsvfor Testmasters are as follows:
    • Bakersfield
    • Berkeley 
    • Burbank
    • Claremont
    • Davis
    • Downtown L.A.
    • Fresno
    • Fullerton
    • Irvine
    • LA Jolla
    • Pasadena 

    The class room sessions by Testmasters are also held according to the dates of California LSATs and their test centers.

  • Testmasters employ a large number of skilled tutors who travel throughout USA holding preparatory courses. These visiting faculties ensure that there is uniformity in teaching throughout the country.
  • Testmasters have been preparing students for LSAT since 1991. The tutors they employ are highly skilled as well as experienced. The tutors take personal interest in your progress. They also employ a number of counselors to help you select the test date that is best suited for you.

If skilled tutors, personal help and counseling are your requirements then you should enroll in their classroom sessions. For details you can either visit their website at or click on the following link:

Preparation alone is not sufficient. You should also select your LSAT test date and location and register for LSAT as early as possible. Some test dates and locations have been mentioned above and some more are mentioned in the following section.

Dates and Locations for California LSATs

The selection of dates and locations should be done before you start registering for the same since you will have to mention them in your registration form. However, before you select the location, ensure that the test center holds the examination on that date. Some of the locations for California LSAT are as follows:

  • In the University of West Los Angeles, school of law, all the 4 LSATs are held.
  • In Concordia University, Irvine all 4 LSATs are held
  • In the California State University, Los Angeles only the February and October LSATs are held
  • In the California State University, Northridge all LSATs, except the June LSAT, are held.

For a detailed list of centers and dates for the state of California click on the following link:

Thus, based on this list you will be able to make a selection. It is essential that you select the date and center as early as possible since the number of seats available in a test center are limited. Moreover, the seats are distributed among candidates on a first come first served basis. Hence, early registration will increase your chances of getting a seat in the center of your choice and completion of registration means one less thing to worry about. So register for LSAT as soon as you start preparing for it.