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Which books should I buy?

There are lots of books for preparation for LSAT available in the market. One has to be wise while procuring one. Do not just rush to buy anything because it claims to be a good book. You must seek an expert’s advice about that book. Friends or peers who have already appeared for this test can give you feedback about books. You can also get feedback online. Also your teachers and peers at the coaching institute can guide you in this regard.

While procuring prep material you must look at the content. It must cover the required sections in depth with specific focus on LSAT. It should have ample amount of solved questions and explanations to the answers. These sample questions must be from previous years’ question papers. You must check the credentials of the author of the book for his competence to write a book on this test. Do not buy a big fat book, which you cannot complete within the time available for preparation. They should also provide extra tips and tricks for the test. These tricks are a must to attempt the questions faster. Some of them also provide you extra information regarding registration process and information on choosing a law school. Lastly, the books that you select should be written in a simple language that is easy to understand. Remember that you have no time to spend on finding out the meanings of words or explanations given in them.

You should not overload yourself with a number of prep materials, rather have something which is enough to cover each section and which contains ample amount of practice questions.

Sources of Books for LSAT

These materials can be procured from various sources. They are available at book stores, libraries and online. You can also try to get them from your friends who have already attempted LSAT. The cost anywhere from $10 to $25. One can also order them online. You can get more information from e-shopping web sites. Online shopping also gives you an option to buy them in an auction. This way you can get these books for a lesser amount. If you can manage to get one from a library then this can be the cheapest option. This way you can get a number of books to study without having to pay much. One can also opt for sharing. You can form a peer group of LSAT test takers and procure different prep materials. Once you have finished a particular book you can rotate it among your friends.

Some books are provided at coaching institutes also. There you get complete study materials. One can also get them while taking an online course. These are soft copies of preparation materials. Some of the web sites also offer you online test software. This way you can practice for the test and get useful tips about your answers. Official web site of LSAC also offers you soft copies of books and software. Free materials are also available online.

Studying from an LSAT Book

There are various ways of studying for LSAT. Some people like to study all the sections simultaneously. Some may want to study one section at a time. You have to decide about this as per the availability of time with you. Many people advise that you should try a sample test paper first to understand your level at each section without any preparation. This is a good strategy. Once you know your threshold level, you can plan your time for each section. Typically three months are required to prepare for the test. One can start with studying individual sections for initial three to four weeks and then start with the sample tests. A prep book provides you sample tests with answers. You must practice these tests under time constraints.

Some books also offer you with guidelines to attempt test papers faster. You must practice them and do repeated practice. This way you can master the tricks of solving and tune your mind to the type of test paper. It is more beneficial if you can study in a group. Group study often helps to avoid common mistakes and improve on speed.

It is better if you can make a prep book your buddy. That means wherever you go, you should try to carry it along. This way you will be focused on your preparation. You can also make use of it for practice during your idle time wherever you are.


LSAT is a test of your speed in thinking logically and processing the given information. Practice is the ultimate weapon to master the skills of attempting the paper in a quicker and correct way. Books contain all the information about LSAT sections as well as practice tools and help to streamline your effort. So get your copy today if you wish to achieve success in this exam.

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