Blogs To Understand LSAT Better

LSAT Blogs That Can Help You The Most

The LSAT is a unique test. It is unique because unlike other academic entrance tests, it has no set curriculum or syllabus. Preparation for this test can happen from any source. One of the recent and very popular sources to help a student in the preparation for the LSAT is that of blogs.

Following is a list of blogs that can help a student the most in their preparations:


This one is a collection of free tips by a tutor for LSAT from New York. The link is

The features:

  • This blog is written by a tutor from New York called Steve Schwartz.
  • The blog is updated with information about every aspect and detail of the test. For example, test dates, score calculation methods, official books, unofficial books, rules and regulations of the LSAC etc.
  • Very extensive research has been done on the books and publications for preparation. The link is very helpful even for someone who has no clue about the LSAT.
  • Review of official as well as non- official data on the LSAT is regularly done on these tips.
  • The writer takes personal coaching classes also and can be contacted at
  • He provides the reader with his tips and techniques for the LSAT and justifies all his information with examples.
  • He also provides students with a day–by-day schedule that can be used to prepare for the test.
  • The blogger does not keep any information hush–hush. He is very particular about providing genuine information and therefore provides the readers with links so that the readers can cross-check what the blogger has written.

2. The Manhattan LSAT Blog

This blog comes from the company, Manhattan LSAT. It is a company offering preparatory courses to the aspirants of this test. The link is

About the features:

  • As the name suggests, the blog is a true reflection of the Manhattan LSAT company. The look of the blog is very modern and the information therein is very exhaustive.
  • It provides updates on everything related to the test. It is not very academic in its approach, and neither does it digress too much from the aim of preparation for the LSAT.
  • A lot of current news on the exam is given by writers of this Company.
  • The links on the blog are very varied. Few examples are;
  • This link directs you to personal stories sent to Manhattan LSAT by its students or readers of the blog. The stories and updates are very refreshing. directs you to interesting facts about admissions, the dos and don'ts along with preparation and ideas about the various law schools from writers who have actually taken the LSAT.
  • The blog by Manhattan is so exhaustive and entertaining that it can be considered as a one- stop- shop for all the information about the law school test.
  • 3. The LSAT Prep and Discussion Forum by

    The link to this blog is

    Things to Know:

    • This blog is a forum in which many writers post their experiences about LSAT.
    • The bloggers write about books, tips and techniques, and articles that are all directed towards taking this exam successfully.
    • There are some personal stories that may help with knowing the pitfalls of the test.
    • The blog is an open forum and comments and reviews are openly welcome by one and all.
    • The reader needs to use his/her discretion in sifting through the posts and reading what will benefit him.

    4. The PowerScore LSAT Blog

    This blog is from the PowerScore LSAT prep company.

    The link is

    The features:

    • The blog is more of a question-answer session for the actual questions of the LSAT.
    • Very to-the-point in nature, this blog is directed to help exclusively in preparation and admissions.
    • The blog has a few student stories which are a good read to help an aspirant know more about life as a law school student.
    • LSAT tips and techniques by the company are mentioned separately in this blog and are a good way to learn from the sources of the company without actually taking their course.
    • The blog links to a list of publications and free guides that can be very useful for preparation.
    • A student can link directly to a free trial of the 'virtual LSAT courses' offered by the PowerScore Company.

    There are innumerable blogs for LSAT. In fact any student can start his/her blog and write about his/her experiences with the LSAT. The above-mentioned are just examples of good ones that can assist you in your preparation.