Important Advice for the LSAT

Essential LSAT Advice

LSAT or the Law School Admission Test is a difficult test and candidates should not underestimate it as being an aptitude test only. Thus, you should prepare for it seriously and diligently. However, random preparation will only be counterproductive, so you should prepare for it logically and develop techniques and strategies to help you face the challenge called 'LSAT'. The more information you get the better it is. Some advice to help you prepare is given in the following sections.

How to Prepare for LSAT

The preparation process for this test can be broadly divided in 3 parts which are as follows:

  • Registering
  • Preparing
  • Appearing 

If you wish to fare well in this test, then an essential suggestion for you is to prepare for it in a step by step manner and the first step that you should take towards it is registering early for it. The reasons for early registration are as follows:

  • The seats in test centers are limited. Moreover, they are distributed among candidates on a first come first served basis. Thus, early registration will increase your possibility of getting a seat in the center of your choice.

  • You should also select a date for testing, since you will have to mention it in the registration form. Moreover, based on that you will have to select the center as all centers don't hold all the 4 LSATs.

  • You should also select the law schools where you wish to send your scores. This is important since you will have to mention them in the registration form as the score will be sent to those schools by LSAC.

  • Moreover, early registration will also prevent you from paying a hefty late fine.

If registering for this exam is the first step then the next step will be selecting a preparatory course. Moreover, early registration will also provide the required impetus for effective preparation. The next and most important thing will be to provide you with tips to help you select an appropriate method of preparation. Some tips to select a  preparatory course are given in the following section.

How to Select an LSAT Preparatory Course

Selection of the best preparatory course is the next most important step that you will take towards the examination. Some of the features that you should look for in a course are as follows:

  • The course should meet most of your requirements. For example if you need personal help then the institute in which you enroll for a course should have the facility to allow you to have one-on-one sessions with their tutors. Similarly, if you have time or travelling constraints then you should enroll in an online or an intense course respectively.

  • The course material provided should be up-to-date incorporating all the latest changes introduced in LSAT.

  • The course should be so designed that you get sufficient practice. You can hone your critical and analytical skills only by practice.

  • The institute in which you enroll should offer help with the admission process also. They should have counselors to help you select your test date and location. They should also help you compile the admissions portfolio which will be sent to the law schools. Based on your admission portfolio, the counselors should advise you with the selection of law schools, so that you send you application only to those law schools where it will receive due consideration.

Thus, based on all these you should select your preparatory course. An important thing to remember is that before you enroll in a course, ensure that it addresses all your weaknesses. Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses will also help you develop techniques and strategies that will help you solve the questions easily.

After you have prepared well, you should appear for the examination. Some tips to help you appear for the examination are as follows:

  • LSAT is a stressful exam. You should get a good night's sleep before examination day to ensure that your mind is clear and quite relaxed before the examination.

  • On the day of the exam don’t forget your admission card, pencils and erasers. If you are allowed then carry a bottle of water so that you can relax for about a minute in between the sections of the test and also keep yourself hydrated.

  • Before the day of the test visit the center to get yourself acquainted with the route.

  • Take the examination with full concentration and apply the strategies and techniques that you have mastered while preparing for it. Don’t think of anything else but the test when you finally appear for it.

Based on all the information that has been mentioned above, you should plan your exam schedule to which you should adhere strictly.

LSAT is an examination that you can ace with hard work and diligence. So follow the advice given and start preparing for the examination.