LSAT Information

LSAT is a registered mark of the Law School Admission Council or LSAC. It is an exam that is conducted by LSAC and is required for admission to a large number of law schools in United States and Canada. The score in this test is used as one of the factors by the law schools for the admission.

LSAC is an organization that works on nonprofit basis. There are numerous schools of Canada and USA that are members of LSAC. It provides large number of facilities to these schools to help them in admission of the students. LSAT is one of the services provided by LSAC to these schools.

Information on the LSAT

All the queries about the law school admission test can be obtained on the official web site of LSAT. Before you start looking for the same, you should decide what all you would like to know about LSAT. Any student who wishes to appear for this exam will try to acquire maximum knowledge on registration, fees, conduct, format and preparation. These details are given in the following paragraphs.

LSAT Registration Information:

Registration for the exam is very important, as this is the first step to be taken once your mind is set on LSAT. If you do not register in time, it will be difficult for you to appear for the exam as per your decided schedule. The procedure includes filling of student’s personal particulars, selection of the exam center and the date of the exam. You can register online, by phone or using a paper registration form. You must register well in advance of the test date and refer to the official web site or inside the front cover of the information book provided by LSAC to know the registration deadlines. The registration cannot be done on the day of the test at any center for any test administration.

LSAT Fee Related Information:

Payment of fees is an essential part of registration. At the time of registration you are also required to pay the fees, which is different for United States and Canada. Fee for the candidates seeking admission in US is $123 and for the candidates seeking admission in Canada it is $144. You will be charged late fee in case you register after the due date. You can apply for change of center or time of test at a later stage but only on payment of an additional fee. In case of cancellation of registration, some money will be deducted as part of administration charges and only the balance will be refunded. All these charges are different for United States and Canada. The fee for registration can be paid to LSAC either by cheque or by money orders payable to Law School Admission Council. The payment can also be made using Visa, Master or American express cards. LSAC does not accept any cash or foreign currency.

LSAT Dates

LSAT is conducted at various locations in the world four times in a year. Queries about the place and date of the exam can be obtained from the web site of LSAC. The test is generally conducted on Saturdays. If you cannot appear for LSAT on a Saturday due to religious reasons, it is possible for you to appear for the exam on a Monday. This  should be specified at the time of registration itself. If you are not satisfied with the score obtained in this test or you have not been able to do well because of illness, you can appear for it again.

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