LSAT 180

What Is the Value of LSAT Score of 180?

What LSAT Contains?

LSAT is a test designed to select students for the law schools based in United States, Australia, Canada and a few other countries. LSAT is like a puzzle game, which tests how fastly you can solve a puzzle correctly. If you love solving puzzles then achieving a LSAT 180 is not a big problem. If you are aware of the pattern of the LSAT then this can achieved easily, this comes with practice, practice and practice.

LSAT consists of five sections which are 2 sections of logical reasoning, 1 section of logical games, reading comprehension and an experimental section. The scores of the experimental section are not included in your LSAT score. They act as a test-medium for the future versions of LSAT. LSAT includes a writing sample, which again is not included for calculating your score. It just gives an idea about how well you can express your ideas.

How LSAT Is Scored?

On an average a candidate has to attempt 101 questions. The number of correct attempts forms your raw score. There is no negative marking in LSAT. Some LSATs are very easy and some are very tough. To avoid any discrepancies that can arise because of the difficulty level of LSAT, the raw scores of a candidate are converted to scaled score based on a statistical procedure called equating. The scaled scores come in a range of 120-180. A candidate who doesn't get even one correct answer or who has a raw score 0 gets a scaled score of 120 and a candidate who gets all the answers correct gets a scaled score of 180 or LSAT 180.

How to Proceed to Get a LSAT 180?

LSAT 180 can be achieved by a carefully designed study-plan, which should be strictly followed. Begin your preparation at least 4-6 months before the exam. You should prepare as if you have only one chance to show your skills. Even though, you can attempt LSAT three times in a period of two years, it doesn't send a positive vibe about you. All the LSAT scores of past five years are shown in the score report which may not look good.

Take a practice test first to know where you stand. Proceed in a step-by-step manner, taking one section at a time. Read a lot to increase your vocabulary, this will help in your reading comprehension. Attempt unlimited previous test papers; this makes you familiar with the pattern of LSAT. This way you can design strategies for solving a particular type of question. Solving puzzles and crosswords are also a good exercise for sharpening your thinking skills. In case of any doubts you can join a prep course or get the help of a private tutor.

Selecting a suitable LSAT test date is also a factor for getting LSAT 180, a day on which you can display your best contributes to the perfect score. Along with practicing, review of what you have learned is also very important. It helps in knowing the pace of your learning and also makes you aware of the areas where you need to concentrate more. Take your practice sessions at the same time at which you are going to attempt your LSAT. Take the practice test at an exam-hall environment like a park or coffee shop, so that you can be aware of the distractions that can occur on the day of the exam. It tunes your body to the testing environment and will help you in concentrating more on the test.

What Is the Value of LSAT Score of 180?

Getting a LSAT 180 is not unimaginable; it can be achieved through rigorous practice. Getting a LSAT 180 assures you of a seat in the top law schools of your choice. Getting a LSAT 180 can also make you eligible for the various scholarship programs offered by various organizations. It can also make you eligible for applying for the fee-waiver.

Getting LSAT 180 will provide you with respect from your classmates of your law school and will also provide with special consideration from your tutors. This also acts as a boosting factor for your future law studies. A LSAT 180 can be achieved with a serious and dedicated approach.

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