Low LSAT Score

5 Tips to Avoid a Low LSAT Score

LSAT is scored in the range of 120-180. The average LSAT score is 150. Most of the applicants fall in the 145-160 range. A score less that 145 is usually considered a low LSAT score. A person with this score will find it difficult to get admission in an American Bar Association approved law school.

One can avoid a low LSAT score by being a little careful and following these 5 easy steps. For this one has to,

  • Study hard
  • Prepare with real LSAT material
  • Not get stuck with one question
  • Do the easy questions first
  • Avoid stress

Study Hard

The first and foremost thing one should follow to get a high LSAT score and avoid a low LSAT score is to study hard for the test. One must be dedicated to the LSAT preparation and work hard. One needs to decide on the method of preparation and should start early. Do not rush into taking the test before complete preparation. Take a mock LSAT test, decide on the time needed for preparation and then plan for a date to take up the test. The preparation should be sincere and motivated with joining a good law school as the goal. True to the saying "Hard work never fails", a sincere, dedicated hard work will get a student a high LSAT score.

Prepare With Real LSAT Materials

A lot of materials in the form of books, websites and forums are available for students to prepare for the LSAT. But one must prepare with the real LSAT questions. One has to take up as many real LSAT tests as possible. For the understanding of the concepts other materials can be used but mock LSAT tests must be taken to time the test.

Do Not Get Stuck With One Question

While answering the LSAT questions in the test, one should not spend a lot of time on one question alone. The LSAT is a timed test and time is very important. Most students get a low LSAT score as they are unable to complete the test. One main reason for the inability to complete a test is trying to get the solution of one tough problem. If one finds a question tough, he/she needs to skip that question and move on to the others.

Do the Easy Problems First

All the questions in the LSAT test paper carry equal marks. Each individual will be strong in solving a particular type of question. One should identify those types of problems and answer them first. Since there are no negative markings one can confidently answer all the questions. Even if one is running out of time, one can choose the answers randomly and mark them. Even if a few of them are right, it will boost the LSAT score.

Avoid Stress

The most important factor that causes low LSAT score is stress. Many students get stressed on the day of the test and are unable to answer even very easy questions. Even those questions which they could solve easily in mock tests appear to be tough questions. If one is stressed he/she cannot think logically. Logical thinking is the main skill that is tested in LSAT. Many students who have high LSAT scores in the practice tests end up scoring low scores due to stress. One needs to understand that everyone in the exam hall is tensed.

Though the LSAT score will decide the career fate of the student, it is not the only option. With this mind set and sincere, dedicated hard work one can get a high LSAT score.

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