Tips and Techniques to Improve LSAT Scores

10 Tips to Improve LSAT Score

Preparation for LSAT is incomplete if you do not have techniques and strategies to help you deal with the challenges of this examination. Instructors often come across candidates looking for tips to increase their score. Even students who are otherwise prepared for the test but wish to improve their score in order to get admission into premiere law schools ask for tips to enhance their performance. However, the thumb rule to do so is to practice hard. But, random practice will not produce the desired results. Thus, to help you chase your dream, some tips are given in the following section.

Tips to Improve Your Score

LSAT is a difficult examination and you can succeed in it only with sincerity and diligence. But, that is not sufficient; you need to score at least 170 to get admission in premiere law schools. Hence, to help you achieve the required scores, the following tips have been listed:

  1. To increase your score, the first thing you should identify is a pattern in the mistakes you are making. These mistakes are the primary cause of you not getting your desired  score. Once, you have identified the pattern then you should develop a strategy to overcome your shortcom.

  2. Merely practicing for the test is not sufficient. You should keep reviewing your work. As you review your work, you will be able to eliminate your weaknesses and develop your strengths. This in turn will improve your performance.

  3. If you are not confident enough about preparing for LSAT on your own, then you should enroll in a preparatory course or hire a private tutor. In a course, you will be interacting with other candidates and through this interaction you can learn the various strategies your classmates use to excel in this test. If you hire a tutor then you will get personal help for this purpose.

  4. LSAT is an examination where time management is essential. When you are practicing or appearing for the mock tests then it is a good idea to time yourself, so that during the actual examination you do not waste any time.

  5. In this exam there is no negative marking for a wrong answer. Hence, there is no harm if you take a guess. Try to answer all the questions. If by chance it is correct then it will help you to get through this test.

  6. While solving the paper, answer the questions at first that are easy. By doing so you will be saving time and you can use this time to answer the questions you find difficult. This will also help you to get success.

  7. If you are confused about the answer of a certain question then try to select the correct answers by the process of elimination. Eliminate the wrong answers first and as you eliminate you will be able to understand the correct answer.

  8. Students often lose time in the 'reading comprehension' section because they cannot read fast. Improve your reading skills so that you can read fast and understand the argument given in the passage quickly too.

  9. You should definitely have a study schedule while preparing and ensure that you concentrate on all 6 sections of the examination with equal importance. You cannot leave any section as that will reflect in your results.

  10. You should appear for LSAT only once because LSAC considers the scores of your previous attempts. Thus, if your score has not increased by at least 8 points it will affect your average score adversely. Moreover, the law schools that you apply in will also have access to the score of your previous LSATs. They will take into account all those while considering your admission application.

Thus, your first attempt should be your best and final one. Moreover, it is a test of your inherent logical and analytical reasoning talents which can be developed only with proper practice. To get success ensure that you start studying hard and practice well before the examination.