Understanding the Meaning of a High LSAT Score

How Can You Achieve a High LSAT Score?

The meaning of a high LSAT score is......

The LSAT i.e. the Law School Admission Test intends to ascertain the suitability of a candidate for law schools, mainly in the US and Canada. Like any other entrance test, it has a set of stipulated questions which carry marks. The marks allotted for each of the almost 100 questions are equal but students answer different question sets. For example, you may answer question set 1 while the candidate sitting next to you might be answering question set 2 and so on and so forth. Amongst all the different test takers, it is very difficult to assess the best student based on scores of different question sets. This is why the system of relative scores was devised. According to these scores, the total marks of each student taking the test are plotted on a graph and the score through that comparative graph is the LSAT score of the candidate. The range of the graph is between 121 and 180 where 120 is the lowest score and 180 the highest. Therefore, a score closest to 180 on the comparative graph can be considered high.

A high scorecan be a very vague term if one considers the admission criteria of various law schools. Some elite schools consider even 170 as a low score while for other schools 170 might be a satisfying score. The aim of any student should be to get as close to the 180 average as you can because the lower you go in the graph, the lesser your chances of early selection are. It is commonly known that the expected average is around 155 but going by the admissions of the primary law schools of the world, this number seems to be a myth.

High LSAT scores for a few of the top law schools are as follows:

  • Harvard University Law School -Accepted LSAT scores between 172 and 178
  • Columbia University Law School - Accepted LSAT scores between 172 and 176
  • Yale University Law School - Accepted LSAT scores between 170 and177

How can you achieve a high score in LSAT?

You can fulfill your aim by following these simple steps:

1. Go through all the aspects of the test; get all information about the test from the website:

The official website of the LSAT is www.lsac.org. The website is not only a source of information about the test but also a source of knowledge and techniques that can help a student ace the test. First and foremost, the website has a prep- test and several sample test papers which, if solved, can make a great foundation for the final exam. If you can understand the requirements of law school admission test and the expected methodologies of solving various sections, then any question set will be a cakewalk for you. You have to remember that the LSAC is furnishing you with these sample tests so that you can get into the details of every question and understand the pattern. The official website is your primary source for getting yourself informed first-hand.

2. Get the study material that you can understand:

The second step to move towards a good score is to follow yourself and understand your own requirements prior to taking the test. It often happens that a student is simply studying the way his counterparts are studying or in the way that is expected of him/her. Always get the study material that you can understand and that can help you deliver. Do a thorough research of the different kinds of books, articles, research papers etc available for the test and then go ahead and acquire the ones that you consider will be the most suited for your preparation. Studying from good sources is very important for achieving what you want.

3. Judge yourself well:

After taking a few prep tests only, students are generally capable of assessing where they stand against the novelty of the questions. Once you are aware of your capacity and can gauge that the test will be tricky for you, be honest with yourself and take external assistance. The assistance can be from family, friends, tutors, coaching classes etc. If a student takes precautionary measures before the test dates draw close then the chances of getting the required scores are greatly improved.

Practice and keep practicing...

There is no better way to guarantee a good score, than to practice and keep practicing the test papers. What is difficult at first will become a smooth ride if you keep on practicing it. Give yourself time at hand to best prepare for the test. At the end of the day, the LSAT is a test that can be mastered with practice and with practice alone.