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LSAT is your first step if you wish to join any American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school from the US or Canada. There are thousands of aspirants from all over the world who take this exam every year. LSAT has six sections. Five sections have questions based on multiple choice answers and one section is on writing essays. Only four sections of multiple choice answers contribute to your LSAT score on a scale of 120 to 180. The average LSAT score is 150. Majority of the candidates receive scores within 140 to 160. There is no fixed threshold which refers to good LSAT scores. It is a relative term. One may say that scores received above the average LSAT score are good LSAT scores.

Factors That Decide What Good LSAT Scores Are

Good LSAT scores are mainly defined by the requirements of the law school that you wish to join. Most of the candidates aim for top law schools. However, the seats offered by each of these schools are limited. Therefore, only those candidates who have good LSAT scores can get admissions there. Top law schools like the Haward Law School generally take students with LSAT scores of 170 and above. Some people say that it is the reputation of a law school that guides its demand for good LSAT scores. This is true to some extent. The top law schools may have a certain policy regarding the learning abilities of their students. They may just want you to have very high standards in terms of an aptitude for learning and grasping. It is assumed that candidates with good LSAT scores will definitely have a good caliber.

The same is true with all the other law schools as well. The candidates with very good LSAT scores are accommodated by the top law schools; the others automatically get a chance for admissions to the rest of the law schools. Therefore, an LSAT score of 165 may not be a good LSAT score from the point of view of the Haward Law School but it is definitely a good LSAT score for most of the other law schools.

Information about LSAT Scores

There are various web sites that offer the information regarding the requirements of various law schools in terms of LSAT scores. The official web site of LSAC ( provides all the latest information in this regard. There are a number of Pre-law handbooks and law magazines that offer you information about the expected LSAT scores. You can get hold of a book ?ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools? for complete information about all the law schools. It describes the total number of applicants and the expected range of LSAT scores for each of these schools.

How Important is Your GPA?

In comparison with an LSAT score, your GPA is considered less relevant. This is because of the fact that the candidates applying for the LSAT come from all parts of the world. They have considerable differences in terms of their undergraduate curriculum and socioeconomic background. The candidates with better socioeconomic backgrounds and educational facilities may get an edge over the others. So, to remove this bias, a common test in terms of the LSAT has been introduced while the GPA is given less weight. Therefore, candidates with a good LSAT score but with a bad GPA can also get a seat in top law schools.

One can find out from the web site of the respective law schools about their expectations of the LSAT score and the GPA. Pre-law handbooks also contain information about the LSAT scores and the GPA scores accepted in various law schools. You can even call up a law school directly and find out as to how they look at good LSAT score with a bad GPA.

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