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Prep Options of LSAT from Blueprint

Brief on LSAT: It is taken by students all over the world for securing admission to the law schools in United States, Canada and several other countries. The test is held four times a year and the students can take this test in designated centres that are located across the globe. Although performance in LSAT is one aspect that is considered by the admission council of the law schools, it is necessary to score well in this examination as the top law schools generally require the applicant to score around 168-172. The other factors that are considered by law schools are the GPA or the grade-point average of the students along with the academic records and the personal data of the candidate that is included in the application. LSAT can be taken thrice within a period of two years according to the regulations of the Law School Admission Council or LSAC, but the students should ideally take this examination only once and get good scores as the law schools consider all the scores from the test that is taken by a student, however good or bad.

LSAT Preparation from Blueprint

Blueprint offers a large variety of courses for all those students who are taking the test or trying to enhance their scores, if they are taking it for the second or third time. Blueprint's courses have helped several students to achieve their desired scores since their inception in 2005. Let us explore the options provided by the organization and the content of their courses. Basically, Blueprint courses are divided into three categories that include the following:

  • Live LSAT Courses
  • Online LSAT Courses
  • One-on-one Services

Features of Blueprint Prep Courses

As far as live courses are concerned, the LSAT 112 hour live prep course offers 112 hours of classroom time along with 88 hours of lecture and 24 hours of practice exams. The course is equipped with four unique features including 16 core lessons in which new concepts or strategies are introduced, followed by 6 practice tests that are conducted under real conditions. In the final phase of the course, there are three targeted clinics that are meant for each section of the test along with review workshops. There are other categories of live courses, which can benefit students.

The animation and the graphic representation that is present in online courses are unmatchable. The features of the animation video include an animated ambiance that is useful and entertaining at the same time. With the help of this course, the students can expect a break from the boring lecture sessions that are common with most other prep courses. Since the course is divided into various chapters, the students can choose the entire curriculum or specific sections. The most important aspect of this online course is that it offers flexibility to the students wherein they can take a look at the videos or review the lessons as many times as they want. The online course is certainly unique as far as preparation is concerned.

The company also includes private tutoring options for the students who are interested to get personal feedbacks while preparing for LSAT. The students can choose from By-the hour, 10 hours or 20 hours package or opt for 1-on -1 or Premium1-on-1.


Blueprint offers myriad opportunities to those students who are preparing for this examination. Covering a wide variety of locations in United States, the courses offered by them are simply amazing and open new avenues for applicants.