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Blueprint LSAT Courses-A Brief Overview

Found in 21 cities across the United States, Blueprint is a company that undertakes examination preparation courses for students appearing for the LSAT. They are a highly competitive company claiming very high scores and complete preparations of a candidate for the LSAT. The Blue print LSAT course structure is very extensive as it consists of more than 100 hours of classroom preparations combined with long sessions for homework and solving doubts. Their website is company claims that it has an edge over other LSAT preparation companies as it has the best technology and faculty to help students prepare for the LSAT. Blueprint is technologically very active and their existence can be found on many social networking sites also. Their Facebook link is and it is furnished with all the information about the company in a very eloquent manner.

The Blueprint LSAT course structure is as follows:

  • 88 hours of classroom preparation time: This time is scheduled for lectures and breaking down concepts into comprehendible parts that can be studied individually,
  • 24 hours of homework sessions and doubt solving sessions: The homework sessions are like a self preparation time where though the homework is assigned by the tutors, a student employs his/her discretion in using information from any source to finally arrive at a logical conclusion.
  • Practice exams are available for students taking the Blue print LSAT course. There is a range of real LSAT test papers that are available with Blue print LSAT preparation to initiate a self assessment process while taking the course. They keep the students aware of the hurdles that might eventually arise on day of the exam . The tests can be used for follow up and practice also.
  • Targeted section-wise preparation. At the end of every course just before taking the LSAT, a student is given section-wise counselling. The tips and techniques for the LSAT, provided in these sessions are very thorough. The official term for these sessions is 'clinics' as they give a cure to the problems arising in spite of having taken the full course. They are a unique selling proposition of the Blue print LSAT course.
  • They conduct review sessions for every student.
  • LSAT prep by the Blue print LSAT is very exhaustive and needs a dedicated span of time from students considering an LSAT prep course from them.

The Blueprint LSAT offers a unique online prep course:

  • The course started in September 2010.
  • The name of the course is Blueprint: The Movie2.0.
  • It is an online course that can be done from home.
  • It is an engaging animated video that with the help of hand drawn pictures tries to explain the various aspects of the LSAT.
  • It is a very exhaustive and informative video and is also not very expensive if compared to all the other online courses available for the LSAT preparation.
  • The length of the video is around 60 hours and is taught by the founders of Blueprint.
  • The interaction is done through email and thus doubt solving sessions too are undertaken by exchanging regular emails.
  • The online course provides books as well as practice tests on the LSAT.

The Blueprint LSAT Preparation is a new age company.....

The Blue print LSAT course structure and options are very technologically driven. They are formed from the new-age ideologies of computers and the Internet. The Blueprint LSAT courses are as extensive, if not more, than the other companies offering such LSAT prep courses. The company brings a new outlook in the test preparation methods by adding humour and simplicity to seemingly difficult concepts of the LSAT. Though the company is fairly new , due to its novelty of approach it has gained a lot of popularity amongst students currently preparing for the LSAT.

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