Tips to Choose an LSAT Course

5 Tips to Select the Best LSAT Course for Yourself

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized test conducted for the purpose of analyzing the skills and abilities of potential students of law. If you are considering a career in law, then you must prepare for and take the LSAT. Although you are allowed to take the test more than once, the best thing to do is to take it only once, and make that one attempt your best one. This is because most law schools consider the average of your test scores and not only your highest score.

In order to perform your best, you could consider taking up a course for preparation. There are a number of them available these days. The trouble may be to decide which the best option for you is. This article gives you tips to help you select the optimal package for yourself and it also reviews some of the best options available.

Five Tips to Select a Course for Yourself:

1. Do you study best by yourself, or in a classroom full of other students?

If you do not like the distraction that classmates can create, then personal tutoring will be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you benefit from the company of other students, then you would do better by taking a classroom course.

2. Do you need to study from the very beginning?

If you are at the starting stage of your preparation, you can go for a full-length course and get the concepts and strategies right from the basics.

3. Do you have only specific problems to solve or have you already done most of the prep?

A personal tutor will suit you better if you have very specific problems, the logic games for instance, to deal with. Select an open-ended tutoring course that is charged at an hourly rate and you will have the option to continue the sessions, only as long as you need to tackle those specific problems.

4. Are you having trouble scheduling classes?

An online or a telephonic course may be easier for you to take if you are not able to take a regular classroom course.

5. Are financial considerations uppermost in your mind?

The obvious answer is to take what you can afford. There some companies such as Blueprint, which offer financial aid. Apply early for a course and you may be eligible for a discount or a payment plan.

Review of a Few LSAT Preparation Courses:

1. TestMasters

It is one of the renowned companies for preparation for LSAT. It employs some of the best instructors and has developed a good curriculum that covers all study requirements. TestMasters offer personal tutoring, online and telephonic tutoring. The personal tutoring courses range from 10 hours' duration onwards and cost $1250 to $8750. Open-ended tutoring is available at $150 per hour. The online and telephonic courses are available in similar packages and cost $900 to $6750.

2. Blueprint

Blueprint is a company with a difference. It has developed a curriculum that is interesting and full of humor. It contains numerous examples from real life that can help you to relate personally to what is being taught. Blueprint's courses cost about $799 to $1299.

3. PowerScore

PowerScore's study material consists of more than 3000 pages of text. The course also includes homework assignments and practice tests. The duration of the courses range from 5 to 64 hours. PowerScore also offers open-ended tutoring at the rate of $150 an hour. A weekend course is also available for those people who are unable to schedule time for regular courses.

The most suitable course for you is the one that solves your own particular difficulties easily. If you spend a little bit of time and effort, you are sure to find an appropriate course for yourself.