LSAT Books For an Effective Preparation

Best LSAT Book for Comprehensive Practice

The most widely known books that help students in comprehensive preparation for all the sections of the LSAT are:

1. The Official LSAT SuperPrep by LSAC

2. 10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests by LSAC

3. The Official LSAT Handbook by LSAC

4. The LSAT Bible series by David M. Killoran

  • The LSAT Logic Games Bible
  • The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible
  • The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible

Following is a brief review of each of these books to guide you in your selection for your preparation.

  1. The Official LSAT SuperPrep by LSAC This is a book recommended by the LSAC in its website. It is one which can help all students because it has answers and guidelines for each of the sections of the test. The guidelines and practice material are not given anywhere else in any other book; this one is unique in that respect. This book can be useful for your preparation because it has methodical explanations for all the questions and also contains three mock tests. These mock tests are available only in this book and go a long way in helping a student understand the actual test requirements. Studying from this book is a great way to begin your preparation.

  2. 10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests by LSAC As the name suggests, this is a book that consists of previous years' test papers. This is a collection of the latest tests to help students practice all sections. This book has a lot of practice tests and actual answering tips that makes it very beneficial for your overall test preparation. If practice is what you are looking for, then this is the book for you.

  3. The Official LSAT Handbook by LSAC This one is just like the LSAT SuperPrep in most aspects but it is a more revised version and has certain additions also. The additions are mostly in the Reading Comprehension section and in the Logic Games and they make the guide a little detailed. The handbook is helpful for students who are new to the concepts of the test.

  4. The LSAT Bible series by David M. Killoran
    • Logic Games Bible: The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible is for the Logic Games section, which are a new feature and cannot be studied from a generic book. Because it is dedicated to only one section of the test, the book is very thorough and can be time consuming to study. It is a good book for students who are not very confident about Logic Games and need a little extra effort in that section.

    • LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible: This study guide takes into account all aspects of the Logical Reasoning section and provides key tips and techniques to ace the section. There are practice tests as well as justifications of the answers combined with detailed explanations. This book is a good investment because Logical Reasoning is a very large chunk of the LSAT and this book is apt to prepare from.

    • The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible The third book in this series is for the Reading Comprehension section. This is very detailed book. There are actual practice comprehensions and they are supported by answers and the logic behind those answers. The questions are of multiple-choice type and this book explains each answer choice. This is a better version of all the Reading Comprehension books otherwise available for preparation and you can use it to guide you through the Reading Comprehension section.

A good study guide is that which captures and explains everything that you want to know about the test rather than a book which tells you everything about everything. Assess all your options before deciding upon the book for your preparation. are your best judge!