If you are one of those whose aim is to join one of the top law schools in the US or Canada then you need to think about LSAT. It is an aptitude test conducted by LSAC (Law School Admission Council), one of the reputed organizations of the world. It contains six sections: five sections with questions having multiple choice answers and one writing sample section. Only four sections are scored which count towards your final LSAT scores. Candidates from around the world appear for this exam every year. Knowing about the scoring system and the average LSAT scores are an important part of your preparation.

Significance of Average LSAT Scores

LSAT is compulsory for the ABA (American Bar Association) approved law schools in the US and Canada. Many non ABA approved law schools also ask for LSAT scores during admissions. That means you can not miss taking an LSAT.
Though there are a lot of law schools available for you, blindly giving a shot at LSAT will not be fruitful. Therefore, you need to find out their expectations in terms of LSAT scores of the candidates. Every law school has a certain pattern regarding the accepted LSAT scores. This pattern is true even for the various majors that students study during their undergraduate years. So, every law school has its own average LSAT score requirement from you.
LSAT scores are valid for three years. Your LSAT scores are calculated considering all those candidates who have already appeared for the LSAT over last three years. This means you actually compete with total number of candidates of three years.
Thus, it is very important for everyone to score at least the average LSAT score to compete with a large number of candidates and get an admission in one of the top law schools.

Average LSAT score from law schools perspective

As per the guidelines provided by the LSAC, the law schools are not supposed to have any cutoffs in terms of LSAT scores for the admissions. However, the limited seat availability automatically helps them to admit only those candidates who have high LSAT scores. LSAT scores are measured on the scale of 120 to 180 with a majority of candidates scoring in between 140 and 160. Thus the average LSAT score is considered to be 150. A majority of candidates apply for the top law schools. Once these high scorers are admitted by these schools the others are admitted by other schools. Therefore, if you study the admission results from the web sites of these schools you will find that almost every school has a certain range of LSAT scores that can guarantee you admissions. For example, the average LSAT score for Harvard may be above 170.
If you wish to join Harvard then you should study their admission policy and the previous years intakes. Once you know the average LSAT score of Harvard, you can plan your approach accordingly. Also, as mentioned above the average LSAT score of Harvard may be different for different streams of studies. You can find out the average LSAT score required for the particular area of study you wish to carry out.

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