Average LSAT Scores and Percentile

A score of 150 can be assumed as an average LSAT score. It is the 50th percentile marks. This means that 50 percent of the candidates scored below 150 and the rest scored above 150. From the law schools point of view average LSAT scores and percentiles are different. For example the average LSAT scores required for the Harvard Law School may be 170 with the 90th percentile. Similarly, every law school has its own average LSAT scores and percentile. You can find out the average LSAT scores and percentiles required by the law schools of your choice. There are a lot of web sites that host such information about average LSAT scores. You can either find out from the official web sites of those schools or can check out from the Pre-law handbooks or law magazines. The official web site of LSAC (www.lsac.org) also provides information about the average LSAT scores and percentile.

Internet is the best place to look for information on average LSAT scores. There are various discussion forums and chat rooms where you can get information on the average LSAT score requirements of various law schools.

National Average LSAT Score

LSAT is taken by thousands of candidates around the world. All these candidates come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, the curriculum followed in different parts of the world is different. Therefore, generally the law schools consider only the LSAT scores as a standard measure for admissions. You can study the results of admissions from various sources to find out the national average LSAT score. National average LSAT score is an average LSAT score that is required from a candidate of a particular country. The national average LSAT score is different for different countries. This is a relative scale and differs for different law schools. However, it can act as a benchmark for you while preparing for the LSAT.

Achieving Average LSAT Scores

Every competitive exam should be planned intelligently. Knowledge of average LSAT scores gives you a better idea while setting your aim. Once you have short listed your dream schools and found out their expectations in terms of average LSAT scores, you can start your preparation. Anything above 160 can be assumed as a good LSAT score. Also, the national average LSAT score can tell you the lowest minimum scores that you must achieve in LSAT.
Once you have set such benchmarks, it is easy for you to further break it up into individual sections of the exam. Adequate LSAT study materials, good LSAT prep course and religious study are the essentials for you to achieve your dream score. Along with this a lot of practice in solving sample question papers is the key to score high in this exam. A self diagnostic test in the beginning of your preparation can tell you where you stand in terms of aptitude and how much preparation you need. Once you have studied the concepts required for the exam, you can start taking practice tests. With every practice test you will find yourself improving. The more you practice the better will be your score.

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