LSAT Average Score Requirements


LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a very important test in your life if you wish to join any ABA (American Bar Association) approved law school in the US or Canada. Many non-ABA approved law schools also require candidates to take the LSAT. Scoring high in the test is the only way to make this a reality. The scores vary on a scale of 120 to 180 and mostly 150 is the median score. Let us know more about the scoring of LSAT.

Score Pattern

LSAT has five sections in it. Out of five sections only four are scored. Two sections are based on Logical Reasoning. The rest is based on Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning. The non scored section is called an experimental section which is used for evaluating questions for the future exams. Approximately 101 questions make these four sections. Each section has around 24 to 26 questions in it. The maximum score that one can achieve is 180. That means each scored section can fetch you around 45 marks. With two sections based on logical reasoning, the logical reasoning questions take half the credit for your marks.

Every section of LSAT is based on multiple choice questions. Every right answer fetches full marks. This means that if you are able to attempt all the questions correctly you can get marks up to 180. Also, wrong answers do not contribute towards negative marking. Therefore, your result is the reflection of your right answers only. To elaborate this further, let me give you an example. Suppose you scored 80 questions out of 101 correctly and left 21 questions blank. This is equivalent to anybody getting 80 questions correctly 10 questions wrongly and leaving 11 blank. That means there is no difference between a blank answer and a wrong answer.

The percentiles are calculated using a mathematical formula. The parameters for this formula keep changing depending on the level of toughness of the particular test with respect to the previous tests. The scores are calculated on the scale of 120 to 180. Raw score means the number of right answers you gave.

Also, the scores are evaluated against the total number of students who have appeared for the test in the last three years. This means that along with the present set of candidates, all the test takers of the last three years are assumed to have taken a particular test and then the overall scores are calculated. LSAC has some mechanism to find out how the previous set of students would have performed in a particular test. This way it does not really matter how many students appear for any particular attempt. The score conversion chart shows a range against your raw score. This range spans around five points. For example raw scores of 82 may correspond to a range of 160 to 171. This means that you may expect your LSAT scores within this range.

Average Scores:

Most candidates score in the range of 140 to 160. The average score is around 150, which is the mathematical average of the scores of all the test takers. Thousands of students appear for the exam every year. Everybody tries to put in the best of his efforts. Therefore, the median score is never less than 150. You can find out more detailed information about the percentiles for the last few years from the internet or from law journals.

Along with your exact score, you are also sent the percentile of your score. This percentile shows how many candidates have performed worse than you.

Significance of an Average Score:

Every candidate should aim and prepare for getting top scores in the test. At the same time, your preparation should be properly planned with a specific aim in your mind. LSAT is your first step to become a successful and intelligent law professional. Therefore, your preparation should also be done in an intelligent manner. There is no point in slogging without purpose. Also, there is no point in just aiming for the sky. Instead, you should be practical in your approach. To achieve your ultimate goal of joining any particular law school, you must plan your strategy accordingly. You should do sufficient homework of intake policy of that particular law school. Web search is the best way to find more and specific information about it. You can find out the minimum expectations of these schools in terms of scores. Once you have understood this requirement you can set your dream score.

Percentiles tell you the overall standard of the candidates appearing for the exam. But different law schools have different understanding of this score. It means that some of the top law schools in the US demand marks above 171. So, if you think of joining such a school then your aim should be to score way above their requirements. One should not however get discouraged by this fact. Because there are hundreds of law schools available, getting a mid-level score is also an achievement in itself as it opens the doors of lots of law schools for you.

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